If Skate 3 Became a Parkour Game (Rooftops & Alleys)

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  1. Trev new map coming to hunter call of the wild soon

  2. So glad for Xbox backwards compatibility. I was just playing skate 3 a couple days ago cause why not and man what a game

  3. Haven't watched Trev in a while since drug dealer simulator but I was seeing this on TikTok and searched it up. Good upload man 🔥

  4. Crazy how I just started playing skate 3 again and this shows up 😂

  5. Reminds me of Mirror's Edge. But third person.

  6. not you spending most of the time rag dolling 😂

  7. This game looks fun Trev. Kind of has COD vibes. I'm gonna start doing parkour now.

  8. Ayo I've been watching your videos for a while! Thanks so much for sharing the word about my game ❤‍🔥

  9. Hey, the tutorial doesn't teach you all of the tricks. look at controls in settings to learn all of them

  10. Been watching this game be built basically from scratch am so proud

  11. i remember seeing this game in development on tiktok, so cool to see you playing it now!

  12. We need more parkour games with actual tricks vector and noomibot backhandspring from way back then are still the best ones and they’re both on mobile😂

  13. Well “Skate4” is gonna have parkour features

  14. Dude this is wild I was literally going to search for a gameplay video to decide whether I’d pick this up from my wishlist, and of course you uploaded right on time (:

  15. They need to put bikes in it and skateboards

  16. Anyone remember mirrors edge. This is what this reminds me of.

  17. "If Skate 3 became a parkour game"

    I think EA has something to say to that lol

  18. Awesome 😂😂😂😂😂 your videos is very very awesome very very awesome very very awesome

  19. I hope the majority of games made in the future will implement the mechanics of parkour and free-running like this game. Having total control of a character and the use of momentum and physics will make controlling characters more fun and skillful.

  20. Had skate 3 on my PS3 never finished it because I loved roaming and I sold my PS3

  21. Can't wait to play this game. Feels like mirrors edge but on crack!

  22. I was watching this game for a while and it makes sense BigT making a vid for it

  23. The Spider-Man games could really use some parkour elements like this

  24. Is this the parkour game the Parkour Storror team from England worked no with the devs?

  25. Bro keep going with the Topspin series, i really loved that, greetings from italy 🇮🇹

  26. Will the game come on consoles like xbox

  27. So its basically a third person of the game Edge

  28. There’s a storror parkour game being made that looks even better than this, I’m glad we’re finally getting some good parkour games.

  29. This is basically Skate 4 considering how much emphasis they put on parkour 🤦🏻‍♂️

  30. The falling right after the tutorial made me LOL😂

  31. Fun fact: the guy that created this is a Drum n' Bass producer as well. He's got some amazing tunes. His name's Millbrook

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