I’m A Parkour Master

I’m a pro parkour guy now. #shorts


  1. THE camra is upside down it did make me smile

  2. That’s fake writing is is on the other side

  3. Put your phone up said down he is literally standing 😅

  4. No hablamos inglés tú creas tus reglas y tú crees que a quién hablamos inglés

  5. Aquí en Panamá no abrió Mall en inglés Está Estados Unidos

  6. Can I have your sushi at the cameras upside down you idiot

  7. Yeah the camera is upside down because you can tell because the things on the left at the beginning once it comes to him being so cool definitely it’s on the right so that means the camera turns upside down

  8. The grafiti swithes sides when he doesnso its flipped

  9. Spray paint was on your right when the video started been when you went upside down it was on his left so the camera was upside down

  10. He flipt the screen wach the grfite it is on top then badum 🤔

  11. The only reason I know the camera was upside down is because the graffiti was on the other side of the wall

  12. Best YouTuber strongest thighs in skate 3 and irl what else can he do

  13. Look at the walls it changed when Sam's say's totally that means it's a lie

  14. Spider sam the skate boarding video game playing spiderman 😂

  15. I think he turned camera upsidown for 1st one

  16. The camera is upside down because the the words are on a different side

  17. The camera is definitely not upside down my thighs are just really strong guys

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