I’m A Parkour Master

I’m a pro parkour guy now. #shorts


  1. p bro you going even have nothing that was just only some gum

  2. It not fake the camera man do upside down just like the Parkour master and flips his camera

  3. I hate to break it to you but the camera is up side down he says it in a video

  4. Dude the camera IS upsidown you can tell by the graffiti in the tunnel

  5. It upside down the spray thing is at other side after

  6. The camra is upside down😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. That's a lie because you ever flip you phone

  8. Woah I didn't know that paintings can move! 😯

  9. oh my god no one noticed he just rotated the screen in editing oh my god

    I noticed without the warning

  10. This shows years of dedication and practice. A true inspiration.

  11. It's upside down the painting still the same way just move Ur phone to the upsidedown

  12. Don't believe it, in the second volume he puts the camera or video upside down, look at the graffiti and the position of the light at the end of the tunnel

  13. Turn your phone upside down he’s not still standing

  14. That circle in the video is in a different spot

  15. Haters will say that the camera was upside down

  16. He's not really doing that He's just flip the camera upside down

  17. Fake I’ll have to do is just turn the phone upside down

  18. As we can all see, Sam has the strongest thighs in existence! Also fav YouTuber

  19. The camera is up side down.If you go to one of his videos you can see the video is called reacting to my tik toks

  20. Bro’s thighs are stronger than my arms😅

  21. The camera is upside down it’s actually upside down because I’ve watched his video. He reacts to him and then he saw his video and then you said the camera is upside down it really is.

  22. The camera is upside down it definitely is

  23. It’s crazy how strong his thighs are.He must do thigh workouts every day

  24. It’s upside down because the paint was on the other side

  25. Bruh look at the spray paint at first and then then he is "upside down"
    This is so fake

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