I’m ADDICTED to this game

vertigo diffrnt


►Code: sketch


► My Brother BANDI:


  1. The original parkour game has vertigo I did a speed run on the original vertigo on my channel

  2. how is this guy level 43 and he cant long jump

  3. idk i will get this or not but i uesed star code starcode floty (early asses) (KO_HELL)

  4. Good god, sketch has been a parkour addict..

  5. LETS GO SPWBBBBB. now we just need blankpostit

  6. it'd be cool if they added a portal in a main lobby that goes to a tag parkour game/tournament or 1v1. like one in a certain sized room. also sliding under crevises would be cool too

  7. The edits he makes are so clean like the introduction to vertigo

  8. Please make a new vertigo video when the new interior is finished
    thats why it was removed

  9. if the open beta comes out may 2024 im definitely gona play it

  10. me when sketch said "through the hole": AYOOOOOO

  11. no fuckin way you met swpb, hes a goat at grapper in legacy (legacy parkour is better then reborn parkour)

  12. This is like the 4th or 5th time ive watched and now ive just realized sketch had to jump of vertigo to get that close up on the vertigo letters on the building

  13. I was going insane because he doesn't know what momentum is

  14. Guess what. It’s not pronounced spwoob, but it is pronounced sp-web

  15. yo bro the ericdoa track you put in the video is so fire WWWW

  16. 5:34 I think sketch said noooooo I fu*$#!& did it anyone else notice that 😅

  17. Hey sketch the reason you couldn’t make it up to the vertigo was because you didn’t have enough momentum on top of the screen with a blue bar it should be full so you can climb higher and wall run longer

  18. When he said jump that was a whole anime intro

  19. comments nowadays be like:
    “8 yEaRs GaNg HeRe”

  20. they need to make it mobile friendly tbh.

  21. Sketch i hate you (i want play this game lol)

  22. The music is good you do that is bad like your mom

  23. on the 23rd the game price will drop to 350 robux, mark your calendars boys

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