ITS FINALLY HERE!!! The BEST PARKOUR GAME *Rooftops & Alleys* Gameplay

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  1. Its so much fun! Some features I wanted are not included though…

  2. Personally I think a replay- and photo mode are definitely needed. Other than that it's the best parkour game I ever played!

  3. Thanks Jimmy for sharing my game once again! It means a lot!
    I hope you all like what I've been working on – this is only the start of it

  4. Im not paying that much for a game. I'll get bored of after 15 minutes. Look, the game is pretty cool, but i just dont see myself paying that much and then get bored after.

  5. Multiplayer Chase tag would be sick in this game. Or capture the flag.

  6. i see all of you saying 15$ i have its shown 8.46$ for me??

  7. When I looked on Steam it shows the price as 9 dollars

  8. its sad tho for me i have waited so long for this day and then it cost money im broke so i cant aford games but looks sick

  9. Is there horizontal wall running in the game?

  10. This is sick. But Michael should put this on ps4 & 5 and Xbox Nintendo Switch something like that but ps4 and the rest of console games should be free cuz not a single parkour game isn't free

  11. Did not watch due to getting the game st launch and playing it for 3-4 hours sick video though

  12. Like jumping in Riders Republic? βœŒοΈπŸ˜‰

  13. Not gonna pay for this, but if someone wants to take this, slap a ninja theme on it, give some ninja objectives to complete, I'll pay for that.

  14. This looks sick! Hopefully it comes out on console soon!

  15. Imagine running around with 3 of ya homies.

  16. Its either this, or paying $70 for some ugly hoes and $20 more for dlc/battle passes

  17. Just bought it 1 Hour after release and it's f*cking amazing! I never had this much Fun after only 5 Minutes into a Game. Controls are a bit confusing first and there are some Bugs but ay I don't care. I'm still having Fun in this Game. Really hope Michael adds alot more to this Game. It just has so much Potential.

  18. Kinda looks and has the movements of watchdogs 2

  19. Honestly for this price I'm happy with it. This game has a lot of potential can't wait to see on how it grows

  20. is this made by the same dude who made a video of spider punk jumping on peoples heads on twitter?

  21. Will it ever come to switch? Or Console?

  22. It's so great that you're already good at it! Just after the game is released, you're already a pro!

  23. Skate. Aka skate 4 2024-2025 tho thid game looks amazing where can i plsy it?

  24. Game is so sick. And an amazing lack of jank for early access. Got high hopes for this one

  25. Mirror's edge + Vector + 3rd person view = brilliant!

  26. I really hope this game makes Ubisoft and EA realize that there are still so many people who absolutely LOVE these types of Parkour games.

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