Jason Paul Goes Back in Time

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Music by Yoshida Brothers.
Nestled in the mountains of Nikko, Japan – home of famed Shrine and Unesco World Heritage Site Toshogu – you’ll find Edo Wonderland. A theme park like no other, everything including the food, houses, characters and entertainment in town replicate the experience of actually being in Japan during the 17th century Edo era.

Edo Wonderland served as both an inspiration and a backdrop for Jason Paul’s most recent adventure, which sees the German freerunner travel to Japan and join local athletes KENICHI, Zen (Red Bull Art of Motion 2011 participant), YAKUWA and YUUTAROU. Landing in the middle of a 17th century Japanese town, he’s surrounded by startled villagers, swift samurais and a group of ninjas who put his parkour skills to the ultimate test.

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  1. I'm Japanese. Thank you for this very interesting video!🥷🏼

  2. あれだけ速く動いてたのに先回りできる男の子ヤベェ

  3. Can we talk about how that kid totally set him up at the end 😂

  4. 泣く子は育つぅぅぅぅぅぅぅ says:


  5. นิติพงษ์ นาสมโภชน์ says:


  6. It's been years since I watched this video. It brings back so much memories.

  7. 아마추어라 그런지 디테일이 없노
    뛰어내릴때 발로 착지 할 생각을 해야지 응디로 착지하노

  8. Not expecting the warriors to wear sneakers

  9. My only complain: why weren't the ninjas ninja-running?!

  10. ガチコメするとこの時代の人たちは全力疾走の際は両手を上げてバンザイしたまま走っていたそうです。なぜかは不明です。


  12. Po legal o cara voltou no tempo dos ninjas ótimo video sempre acompanho

  13. É só o Naruto aprontando mais uma na Vila 😂😂

  14. This is so good video parkour in japan

  15. Red Bull gave him wings thats how he has so much stamina hes fast like lightning

  16. 일본좋아요 🇨🇳싫어요 🇺🇸좋아요 북한싫어요

    amazing korea

  17. 忍者の使い所間違ってるだろw

  18. 日本の建物をうまく使ったパルクールで凄い!

  19. 日光江戸村でみたことある花魁の人に似てるなあとか思ってたらやっぱりそうなのか

  20. ひえええぇーーーーーーー🔥めちゃくちゃかっこいいーーーー!

  21. Jackie Chan would be proud and inspired by this!

  22. When he jumped out the tower it should have been a cliff dive into water

  23. What is the name of the soundtrack on this video?

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