Jumping From the Highest Points in 25 Different Games

In this video I show animation of Jumping From the Highest Points in 25 Different Games completely filmed and edited by me (GameBest) Showing animation of falling, Ragdoll and jumping from high points this video took a lot of time to make, hope you like it

0:00 – Ghost of Tsushima
0:22 – Mafia Definitive Edition
0:54 – Red Dead Redemption 2
1:13 – Horizon Forbidden West
1:48 – Cyberpunk 2077
2:10 – The Witcher 3
2:33 – Spider-man 2018
3:04 – Spiderman Miles Morales
3:35 – Dying Light 2
4:02 – Grand Theft Auto Vice City
4:23 – GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition
4:45 – Grand Theft Auto IV
5:09 – Grand Theft Auto V
5:34 – Saints Row 2022
5:58 – Elden Ring
6:19 – Assassin’s Creed
6:44 – Assassins Creed Valhalla
7:17 – Watch Dogs 2
7:43 – Gotham Knitht
8:05 – Far Cry 6
8:37 – Far Cry 6
9:06 – Mafia 2
9:34 – Sleeping Dogs
9:56 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
10:18 – Just Cause 4

Jumping From HIGH PLACES in 25 Different Games
Falling Animations in 25 Games
#assassinscreed #rdr2 #gta #spiderman


  1. È lego city undercover? Dov'è comunque bello

  2. There's no way that's the highest point in ER

  3. так тупо выглядит когда автор осматривается, и буквально соседнее здание выше чем то "высшее здание" на котором он стоит. А ещё когда в некоторых играх автор с возможностью смягчения падения делает это, а в каких то не делает

  4. #2 was the most legit split I ever seen lol

  5. What's cool about Horizon Forbidden West, is you can glide from the tallest mountain, into the lowest valley, miles away.

  6. Star Wars survivor highest point should be added

  7. スパイダーマンはなぜ生きているのでしょうか?

  8. everyone mid air: Aaahhaaaahaa
    CJ: Bullshit

  9. damn Red dead redemption 2 its so big map and and very cool game and its the best game

  10. Mm mafia didn't expect you to go so high given the lack of screams and animation

  11. Ghost recon wildlands has an insane spot with motorcycles that you can drive off the mountain and get about 30 seconds of airtime if you are lucky

  12. R* Games falling is so realistic and other games are like „I believe I can fly“

  13. Bro just single handedly made the best video game recommendation list in a video about jumping in video games.

  14. 6:00 highest point in elden ring? It’s just the closest fall when you start the game

  15. That’s not the highest point in skyrim, not even close 😂

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