Late For School Parkour POV

Late For School Parkour POV | Nick Pro
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  1. Ur face is only not good parcor is good

  2. Girls'reaction after taking banana 😂😂

  3. POV: your mum said that you could have chocolate if you came home but you are in another country😮😢😅

  4. Bananas are biodegradable so you didn’t have to put it in the trash

  5. Why do you have a GoPro in your mouth at the start of the video

  6. who needs a car when u have paurkour the paurkour is the car

  7. It look the phone is in his mouth😂😂😂

  8. POV:mi abuelo me dise como antes se iba a su escuela

  9. Wait, how would the woman driving the car not know it's saturday?

  10. they are a few options how to get to school he just discovered another one

  11. wait a minute…When you see your phone (not opened yet) I see smt in ur mouth, what is it?

  12. so this is how my grandparents used to go to school.

  13. It Made Him Run For Nothing But Good Exercise Bro

  14. This how our grandparents go for school according to them..

  15. If I wake up late and need to hurry that much I just skip bro it's not worth it

  16. Pov: Its 9 am And school is at 7

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