Late For School Parkour POV

Late For School Parkour POV | Nick Pro
#Parkour #LateForSchool #ParkourPOV


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  1. ⇢ ˗ˏˋ ྂ𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔪𝔞 ࿐ྂ says:

    what is that shoe chilling there!😅

  2. How he jumped out of the window was sick I would do that but my mom won’t let me

  3. You know how much he risks his life everyday?appreciate him and show him some love so how about we help him get to 10 million subs by end of this year

  4. Пов той чел поттпесню бадабум

  5. Please help me get 1K subs till 2023👾👏 says:

    This guy is so fast that, even cops can’t catch him

  6. How is the bag ready if it is a holiday?😂

  7. this is basically what our parents tell us when they're explaining how they went to school

  8. So who's gonna tell him he forgot his backpack

  9. Yeah when he calls a ride its like in Far Cry 6

  10. I used to walk to school in mid winter and not get notified when we didn't have school that would hurt my soul man lol

  11. Respect to the girl who didn't call the cops because nick stole his bunana

  12. Plot twist :- the walking student reach before him

  13. Him : goes to school on saturdays

  14. Muito legal eu gosto música

  15. You can't steal a banna from her you meanie

  16. If you were late to school, I don’t know why you would do backflips while running and tricks on your bike because I feel like it would just slow you down but other than that, cool video

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