Making a Parkour game in 24 hours!

-In this video, I made a Parkour game on unity in 24 hours! published it on, and speedrunned it!



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-Evan king

-thanks for watching, LOVE YALL!!
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  1. BRUH, this looks so cool why is ur channel underrated, also love the editing :D!

  2. this video is the worst video i've ever seen

    JK MAN
    -Gamedev Bruh

  3. I thought dani uploaded new video
    Nice video keep it up please

  4. I thought dani uploaded new video
    Nice video keep it up please

  5. I don’t know how old this kid is but this is a decent game and a fun video to watch

  6. this is probably the most underated channel. just like a kid dani.

  7. why don't you try to make a mobile game (or you c'ant do that)

  8. keep going man some day you will stands with some famous youtuber

  9. Great video! I like the editing especially 😀

  10. You should make like a archer game (like the archer has to shoot the guards or barrels or something and he has to save a princess in a castle.)

  11. It’s feldev (friend in picture ) right??

  12. Imagin begging Dani to comment on your vid in another comment section

  13. everything good other than that stupid annoying effects

  14. epic video mgd.
    please make more videos you famous bastard.

  15. Try to make an game in 2 hours (or you can't do that?)

  16. it's pretty impressive that u made this game in only 24 hours :0 this actually reminds me of the cs source maps
    and u are really underrated

  17. wtf are those frames
    the frames have gone minus

  18. It's kinda dumb to copy Dani's content and stuff + music

  19. why did u say that the guy BREAD made the music even if its Danis music ?

  20. Why your not try to make mobile game (or you can’t do that)

  21. If you keep this im sure you'll be successful (unlike me sadly)

  22. I can barely see whats happening cause you over edit the warp and anime lines effect. other than that, you have good editing

  23. im making my own parkour game too and was just wantin you to try it out

  24. Bro want to callab? Maybe do a challenge

  25. Hey bro, whatsup i made a game

    Yeah that's it but listen as ur a small youtuber and i am a very very small youtuber with some random vids that i don't care about i thought why not share my game with someone like me young, now I'm not saying ur younger than me but I'm saying can we be friends and can u teach me alot of 'STUFF'

  26. I have a low end pc with no graphics card 🙁

  27. yesssssss
    made some camera animations

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