Making a Parkour game in 24 hours!

-In this video, I made a Parkour game on unity in 24 hours! published it on, and speedrunned it!



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-Evan king

-thanks for watching, LOVE YALL!!
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  1. The last part of the video was very cool tbh. (Join discord server or I kill the old wise waterbottle).

  2. I actually enjoyed the gameplay a lot, I wish you can actually put more stuff like sliding and stuff in the game, nice job, very underrated

  3. U could reduce the anime effect; anyways it was awesome
    ~ Datavorous

  4. Pretty intense video but great to see you've made this game. It reminds me of mapping minigames in counter strike maps.

  5. My 9 minutes of music loops only appeared for 3…..I was in an MGD video for 3 MINUTES, THATS WHAT I CALL EPIC

  6. Great video never give up keep going one day youre channel will be viral

  7. Oooh nice content
    Can u make a video u explain how to start game dev (programation language, minimal PC specs )
    I think u understand what i mean
    Thank you🔥

  8. Wait you don't know what is karlson ? It just a game ……

  9. So any YouTuber start with small effort but you nah you put all your effort in these videos great work and keep going

  10. Bro your pc is dying and BTW the best Deb after dani😤

  11. Now make an original game that you put effort into instead of doing literally exactly what Dani does. All the yelling and random graphics and speed lines isn't really content, its just noise.

  12. Man you are so good at this it's like i am watching young dani ( don't forget to drink your milk gamer)

  13. Epic Video!! Also whoever said "If you cant fix a bug make it a feature" is Pogchamp of the century.

  14. Bruh when I wanted to sub I thought you had like 342K so that means any day you will be famous

  15. Dude you’re so good I love your videos and at some moments you are FUNNIER than Dani

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