Making a PARKOUR Game in Core!

Download Core at:
Secret Spaces Game Jam:
Manticore has announced their creator monetization plan. As a game creator on Core, you could be earning $3 per average daily player. Which means that if you have 500 unique players log into your games every day during one month, you could receive $1,500 after the end of the month. With 1000 per day, it’ll be $3000.
The system is simple, no subscriptions management or designing a vast catalog of microtransactions. You can apply by filling a form on coregames website.
Link to more Info:
Thank you for watching this video, i hope you enjoyed it. I know the style and the editing was different but nonetheless i hope you liked it.
– Zyger
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  1. Core more like this company is four the bloody website won’t work I AM SO RIGHTING A COMPLAINT anywho good job getting a sponsor

  2. I just want to know can you make your own characters?

  3. Hmmmmmm

    Me: every core game looks like a fortnite ripoff…

    My 1 other brain cell: yes…

  4. zyger i made a vid of your imposible game and i got copyright so i guess i asked you i think i dont even know what to type

  5. You are the most unpleasant person that I have seen on YouTube in a while. Good luck anyway.

  6. when is the new vid????????????????????????????????????
    i was subbed since u had 3k and loved ur project jude vid

  7. Please please please make more videos with core and make tutorials and stuff

  8. Others: Core is a great framework/game engine that's easy to use

    Me: Fortnite – The Game Engine (PEGI 7)

  9. So wait, is this just the girl version of Dani?

  10. HMMM Make a 3d game using only particles orr you cant do that?

  11. Damn she made like £20k-35k from this video based on the rates other youtubers have been reporting

  12. Zyger: Parkour games don't focus all that much on mechanics. You're just jumping around from block to block.
    Karlson: Am I a joke to you?

  13. im so hyped to try this out for myself! lol btw love ur content u remind me of dani 🙂

  14. Hi i have a question. Can i publich core games for somefing like steam or origin

  15. Very cool video. I never new the huge Dani fani could do such a great job

  16. me: i don't get she speak so fast she really know how to create games
    dani :she talks to fast shut up nnneeeerrrddd shut shut shit it shut

  17. Maybe next time you can code some parkour features like climb or wall run? If it's even possible in core of course

  18. At least you aren’t sponsored by raid shadow legends

  19. Can you export game from core on to mobile or pc or even console??

  20. Doesn't this Engine had advanced locomotion?

  21. Ooh boy, do you even know what parkour is?

  22. Yooo nice vid, love supporting smaller game devs! 🙂

  23. Oh how I love parkour and how when you die you just die and don't come back irl ._.

  24. Hey Zyger
    I'm a really big fan and I really wanna get into game development in unity. Can you please teach some parkour mechanisms or web swinging

  25. Parkour games are just jump block to block simulators?
    That's a platformer.

  26. Sorry, please could you give me a step by step tutorial on your wnderful parkour game? Please(=-=)

  27. how to set check point in new core I am trying but it keep changes the spawn point when I die and I have not even touched the spawn point help please

  28. you didn’t make a parkour game you just made an obby parkour has extreme tricks and theres parts that require momentum and not platforming

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