Making a PARKOUR Game in Core!

Download Core at:
Secret Spaces Game Jam:
Manticore has announced their creator monetization plan. As a game creator on Core, you could be earning $3 per average daily player. Which means that if you have 500 unique players log into your games every day during one month, you could receive $1,500 after the end of the month. With 1000 per day, it’ll be $3000.
The system is simple, no subscriptions management or designing a vast catalog of microtransactions. You can apply by filling a form on coregames website.
Link to more Info:
Thank you for watching this video, i hope you enjoyed it. I know the style and the editing was different but nonetheless i hope you liked it.
– Zyger
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  1. Isn't this more of a 3d platformer? I personally understand under a parkour game a game like mirrors edge.

    Great video btw

  2. Great but can you do a RPG games there like Skyrim? Because to me it's looks like like Garry mod mixes with Fortnite creative then a Game Engine ..
    But awesome what you make so many assents and stuff to play around plus this is more platform jumper then Parkour 😀

  3. It’s basically Roblox but different art style and a easier game design and in roblox you can money this you can’t it’s a cool thing though I just don’t think it’s good compared to roblox unit unreal etc

  4. Core is the raid shadow legends of game development

  5. Looks cool. Like dreams for pc. Gonna stick with unity though.

  6. Does core support 2d games with custom player sprites?

  7. You can go ahead to go ahead and go ahead or go ahead and go ahead to go head where you can go ahead to go ahead.

  8. I would try to get that 3.5k

    But I don't do coding in the slightest

  9. THIS IS THE FIRST AD THAT I ENJOY, I will definetly download this

  10. Hello Zyger! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on multiplayer for Unity, because all of the tutorials that are on YouTube didn’t fit my needs, and I like the way your multiplayer works.

  11. I onestly dont think it qualifise as a game engine because everything is already premade. And so you dont have to make anything your self

  12. I just have a little question so thought it might be cool if we do like a mini-game jam (make a game in 24 hours with this stranger)

  13. I wanna ask how much ram do you need for game development if you are starting?

  14. I edited this so nobody knows how i got so many likes.

  15. It’s pretty much roblox studio, with better graphical capabilities and optimisation.

  16. I like the ease of use and potential of the engine but it also really encourages asset flips.
    I hope once the beginners master Core they move onto unity or 🤮 unreal.

  17. Hey, will you ever do a tuctorial in Unity about online multiplayer? You have made a multiplayer shooter after all.

  18. You can make videos trying other game engine like godot

  19. How many GB did it took to download core after installation?

  20. This reminds me of Roblox studio. I mean, even the name of decals and the functionality of decals are very similar

  21. Zyger, I am making my own game engine called Turbine Engine. Would you be interested in trying it out? I'm almost done with version 1.3. It doesn't have skeletal animation, however.

  22. I genuinely don't understand why your channel isn't bigger than it is now

  23. did core steal our female Dani ? hhhh by the way glad you got sponsored and i love your videos . good job and keep the hard work

  24. What others think core is: cool game engine

    Me: advanced roblox studio

  25. Does it support to build IOS or Android games?

  26. mom can we have unity?
    we already have unity at home
    unity at home:

    just kidding; for beginners it seems to be much easier than unity but I really have no idea about how deep can you go as you become more experienced

  27. Core more like this company is four the bloody website won’t work I AM SO RIGHTING A COMPLAINT anywho good job getting a sponsor

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