Making a PARKOUR Game in Core!

Download Core at:
Secret Spaces Game Jam:
Manticore has announced their creator monetization plan. As a game creator on Core, you could be earning $3 per average daily player. Which means that if you have 500 unique players log into your games every day during one month, you could receive $1,500 after the end of the month. With 1000 per day, it’ll be $3000.
The system is simple, no subscriptions management or designing a vast catalog of microtransactions. You can apply by filling a form on coregames website.
Link to more Info:
Thank you for watching this video, i hope you enjoyed it. I know the style and the editing was different but nonetheless i hope you liked it.
– Zyger
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  1. As soon i saw this was a girls channel i left

  2. Thank you good Samaritan ! I fear game development a little lesser than 4 mins ago!

  3. Have u heard that the Orange and milk war is over

  4. Can u also try to make a game in unreal? AlsoGreat vid🔥

  5. Last time i was this early was never

  6. Make a game in 2 minutes (or U can’t do that) 🙂

  7. Last time i was this early was never

  8. u betrayed unity i want an allience with core

  9. I tried Core a while ago (I usually work in Unity), but the lack of documentation made me quit pretty soon 🙁
    I hope they improve that quite a bit when the move out of alpha.
    Also do you have any idea how monitization will work for Core? As it looks like all games are free, do game developers get money from core or make IAP's or will that be implemented at a later date?

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