Making of Parkour FPS in Unity3D | Project Terminal Devlog #1

First devlog of my FPS parkour game made with Unity, Project Terminal! As an indie dev, it can be quite challenging to make an FPS parkour game especially with those fancy FPS animations. I decided to take that challenge…
I have been working on Project Terminal for the past two months. Here’s the result so far.

Music used:
Daystar – Lemon Cake


  1. for the slope thing you just check if the y component of your movement direction is positive or negative….if its negative you're going down a slope

  2. Could you go more in depth on that whole surface normal combined with movement? I am so stuck on it that I am having headaches

  3. Did u code the slide, run, and wallrun and jump? I want to learn this too

  4. I rly want to make a parkour game but there's nothing out there for unreal engine and I can't cudw so I cans use unity 🥲

  5. making animations are easier than doing in blender becaseu you can try while doing in unity

  6. you can rip animations from mirrors edge

  7. As another game developer that can sort of code and can't animate, this is very inspiring–maybe I'll try to animate hands too. Looking forward to the next one!

  8. You should try Inverse Kinematiks for the vault animation

  9. Wait, if you don’t want to slide up, why didn’t you check that the velocity y of the calculated force is not positive?

  10. Well, as of right now it looks like a ghostrunner copy. Also, what about the S part of FPS? You only showed F irst P erson stuff in the video, but no S hooter things

  11. I can definitely see this being something people speedrun the crap out of, keep it up

  12. ur my true brother u dont know how many games i dropped cuz of animations

  13. For someone who claims they cant animate, those animations are bloody brilliant! good work mate!

  14. i think the game will do good if done right! btw in fiverr u can pay people 5 to 100+ dollars to make you what ever you like, like really good animations and 3d art

  15. also in game view change the free view to your screen res so that you can make good animations that are visible to players

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