Mcraft : Block Parkour Game 3D #parkourgame #jumpmaster

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Mcraft: Parkour pixel maze adventures that will bring you to the world of parkour.
Mine maze craft is a standalone game.
Mcraft is survivor, exploration ,escape and parkour game in 3d open world.
Craft and build your block parkour world.
You are adventurer and miner. Escape mining area. explore mine resources.
To overcome them and get to the end of the room you need to swing, run, jump, roll, climb and show all your best skills on block parkour.

Free Mcraft games to download.
Juegos de Mcraft gratis para descargar.
Build and craft your adventure game map.

Build your adventure dreams! Free game for boys and girs. Use blocks, craft items, create a theme and play pixel maze. Exploration lite, desing and decorate to dragons and dungeons.Explore all places of the world,collect resources, build tools and weapons, ensure yourself complete protection from predators and monsters.

Next Features:
Chat (talk to guys and girls!)
Crafting and building using blocks
Exploration lite – sandbox world (infinite world)
Dating (date craft) – meet the love of your life
Boy craft mode
Girls craft mode (cute textures)
Over 400 blocks, textures and elements
Train tracks builder
Free game!
Furniture – interior design simulator
Upcoming features:
Lava run
tnt run
Shooting (tanks, guns etc.)
Block world adventure mode
Mcraft story mode!
Car racing mode


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