Minecraft: 3 Simple Minigames you should try!

Hey! Today I will show you 3 super cool and funny mini games, what you can easy build in your survival world when you are bored!
In this video i’m going to show you a “Leaf Spleef” mini game, a “Bullseye Target Bow” mini game and a super fun Parkour which you should absoloutly try!

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————————–▼TIME STAMPS▼————————–
0:00 – Leaf Spleef
2:37 – Bullseye Bow Game
5:49 – Lava Parkour

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  1. Omg these are so fun! XD I’m gonna do these with my little cousins 🙂

  2. It doesn’t work anymore because of the wild update the last one doesn’t

  3. the bullseye mini game was really fun! Almost too much fun!!!

  4. I always get bored irl (in real life) I have nothing to do so I have an idea I search in youtube how to build mini game in minecraft but my app is not minecraft though it's crafty world's and I build the mini game what you build and I have so much fun it's the best:)

  5. Hey the arrow game is not working very well the red stone is not activating

  6. Xx_.𝓵𝓸𝓼𝓽_𝔂𝓾𝓷𝓪._xX says:

    Why did the lava Parkour one didn't work?

  7. I Want glass plate with squid game


  9. Im gonna make this on me and my cousins server when he comes back!
    btw you are creative and this is very simple ^^

  10. Wow lomby. Your channel is my favourite. And can you please tell me what texture pack/mod you use for the shades and sky and water?

  11. I can’t pet the red-stone down

  12. For the leaf parlors you don’t need bone meal you just need to use that lead thingy I forgot name and keep clicking on the one u placed and it’ll grow

  13. Thank you zombie mujhe aise hacks batane ke liye ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️😘❤️

  14. tried the leaf spleef with my friends! they said it was super fun, and they loved the design

  15. Thank you so much this is was great and it works

  16. These builds remind me of Bblocks, Weiderdude, and eystreems builds.

  17. Can you please think of anymore mini games on your channel. I would appreciate that

  18. I hosted a squid game with these mini games and some made up ones me and my friends had a blast

  19. I can’t do bullseye 🙁 the redstone is not working

  20. Can you do a tutorial on the game ( I forgot the name) with the blocks on stuff

  21. Love the mini games but my favorite builds are the ones that don’t require red stone just because I think that red stone is too complicated. Like I really liked the leaf one. So creative! Just some advice coming from the less experienced players.

  22. What is the pack name so my game can look like that

  23. your mini games are so cool😍
    all tree of them

  24. The third game doesn’t work properly in bedrock.

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