Minecraft: 3 Simple Minigames you should try!

Hey! Today I will show you 3 super cool and funny mini games, what you can easy build in your survival world when you are bored!
In this video i’m going to show you a “Leaf Spleef” mini game, a “Bullseye Target Bow” mini game and a super fun Parkour which you should absoloutly try!

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————————–▼TIME STAMPS▼————————–
0:00 – Leaf Spleef
2:37 – Bullseye Bow Game
5:49 – Lava Parkour

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  1. i have made leaf spleaf way better in 40,500+ blocks

  2. All your builds is amazing keep it up

  3. What is u fall in the drip leaves,u will get stuck

  4. My archery is very bad. I made the 3rd game and my friend only pushed me in the lava 😐

  5. Bow game is very good,thanks! i playing this minigames with my friends!

  6. I like the bow one cause I can do it on singleplayer as well.

  7. Pink Pastel Playz #stopanimaltesting says:

    First, I'm a big fan btw!!

  8. First lomby love ur videos and can u make a small wooden house for all of us plss😘😘☺☺

  9. Your Videos Are Cool And Amazing. Pls Do More

  10. Found your videos not too long ago and I'm already a big fan!! 🙂

  11. I make all fo the games me and my brother have so much fun

  12. Hi love ur vids also what shader do u use

  13. I'm here to grab my "before blow up" ticket please ☺

  14. Please do a shader and txt pack download I want it 🙁

  15. hi can i have question?
    what name of your leaf in minecraft?

  16. Dude you deserve more than the amount of subscribers you have

  17. Have a good future of upgrading the content!

  18. Hey, can you tell me what shader you are using? Thank you!

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