Minecraft *FACECAM* CROSS Control Challenge (Minecraft Parkour Games)

Minecraft CROSS Control Challenge, Lets Crush 5,000 likes for IRL Minecraft Videos!
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  1. The last comment was in 2015.Hey guys it's 2021 and Lachlan is very good and very popular and he plays Fortnite now

  2. I wonder how the sidemen that live with Vikk welcomed Lachlan…

  3. Who else liked the video before watching it ?!? 😀

  4. lachlan is soo gorg btw i am a girl no homo haha

  5. why does the camera say vikkstar123 shouldt it say coolkidclubswagpeaceyoloeasylifeeasygameeasymmoeasyparkour

  6. when is pixeltown going tto come back?! lol lachlan but i cant like the video because of some glitch.

  7. oh, and my name is not Nanjappan Erode.

  8. lachlan please wish me luck i am getting braces tommorow

  9. Maybe you could do one more you and Lachlan doing cross control challenge with someone else who is doing it as well

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