Minecraft: Parkour Mini Game | #shorts

Hey! In this #shorts video, I will show you how to build a super cool and fun mini game in Minecraft!

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Minecraft default soundtrack composed by C418.


  1. I wanna try that but I don’t have the mental strength to remember how, I won’t give up though!

  2. Who else randomly found one of Lomby’s builds and now builds them all?

  3. When your bored in Minecraft play another game

  4. The blocks get pushed but don't come back down why

  5. Lomby always come in clutch when we all get bored in Minecraft

  6. this does not work you wasted my time

  7. Me thinking about playing this in hardcore: 😶

  8. How do you have that Minecraft realistic looking

  9. Fun fact this made me cry cuz I have no friends 🥲

  10. Me: i will play i will parkour so hard parkour: is not hard is easy

  11. why are the grass blocks covered in sunflower oil

  12. Caution: remove inventory before playing!!!

  13. It’s all fun and games till you run out of hunger mid jump

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