Minecraft: Parkour Mini Game | #shorts

Hey! In this #shorts video, I will show you how to build a super cool and fun mini game in Minecraft!

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Minecraft default soundtrack composed by C418.


  1. “Don’t fly instead make a plane”

  2. What are the measurements? Please don't make me count every block 😭

  3. I would my friend just don’t have the real one (my bff)

  4. I love your videos i always build what you build❤

  5. what 's your texture pack? it really good🖒🖒

  6. The only thing problem lomby i hate that your breaking a grass without how long and deep u did 😢

  7. You know it’s a good day when I’m listening to coconut mall themed Minecraft video with my battery at 3%

  8. I don't think grass is made out of marble

  9. The beginning of the video:Me: MY EARSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. what kind of mincraft is that plz tell me

  11. Bro that lava sounded like me taking a shit on the toilet after eating Taco Bell 💀💀

  12. Coco supermarket music IS the best music ever ❤

  13. I did it but my whole village burned down AND IT DOESN'T WORK

  14. I did it but my whole village burned down AND IT DOESN'T WORK

  15. Coco supermarket music IS the best music ever ❤

  16. sooooo it doesn’t work- 👁️👄👁️

  17. Me seeing this while making a giant parkour map: 😐

  18. LOMBY can you make a hard parkoour like a maze but no exit

  19. The lava sound effect be soundin like diarrhea

  20. Wow! Thanks man!. My friend were happy! 😃

  21. Its too fast man u need to slow it down I cant even follow it when I want to make it, I have to screen record it them slow it down in my editor app.

  22. Lomby when he’s bored in minecraft: makes minigameMe when I’m bored in minecraft: closes game

  23. Is there a copy of this that goes slower so I can build it?

  24. i heard born in minecraft and then i was like “ WAITTTT A MINUTE WHOS BORN IN MINECRAFT”

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