Minecraft Parkour with Crazy facts 😳 Part #5

Sound by voice actor Ryan!

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  1. I recognized a couple of these as memes from around the web, or even as having appeared later on this channel. I actually laughed at the melon one. That should totally be a thing.

  2. The end though 😂
    If there's only a watermelon
    Shouldn't there be a firemelon earthmelon and airmelon
    The elomelons

  3. Man some people are stoling your videos and not giving credits, it's really not fair

  4. Why is there “judgement day” but the lord die for our sins so why is he judging us?

  5. Rayon is the best I only like hime

  6. Bro if you press reverse in a car and turn around wouldn’t you be going forward

  7. Russia 🇷🇺 (ℜ𝔲𝔰𝔰𝔦𝔞) says:

    "if there's a stepmother, stepfather, stepbrother and stepsister then shall we have a STEPFAMILY?!

  8. Bro tell who ever is talking to you to shut up why don’t you just do that

  9. DUDE if you take a away the letter o away from the orange is it a orange

  10. That guy: Did you just seriously say orange 8 times in one sentence. Me: Did he seriously just count how many times he said orange

  11. the way he says “oh my goodness” is the part that makes me bust out laughing

  12. “are oranges named orange becuase oranges are orange or is orange named orange becuase oranges are orange”
    my favorite one

  13. When your door is closed isn’t the door Garding or protecting your room

  14. I told my family the orange one and sister yelled at me to shut up.

  15. The Elemelons!😨😨
    That was one of my favorite lines

  16. "The youngest picture of u is also the oldest picture of u" .. thats fact

  17. Love him or hate him this man is spitting straight backs

  18. The first 4 were great and then I got lost

  19. The first one be like: it’s called cargo because my car-go vroom vroom

  20. Orange the color is named after orange the fruit

  21. Pressing the break and accelerator at the same car over and over again hurts the engine but it just stops the car you don’t move are driveway is steep enough I had to do that a few times while leading to drive

  22. why are oranges called oranges but apples arent called red

  23. Full time employment keeps me from thinking of questions like this. Far too busy thinking of questions like, what do I need to get done this shift. Which employee is slacking off. How do I fix the issues we are running into——NO HATE

  24. The fruit orange came before the color. It used to be called yellow-red, but the fruit was called an orange. Then people started calling the color orange because of the fruit.

  25. Fun fact: The color orange is named after the fruit. Or so I heard, I could be wrong

  26. Eating a burger with no honey mustard 🍔🚫🍯🌭

  27. “Did you just say orange 8 times and it actually makes sense” 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Did you know the color Orange was invented after the fruit 🍊 orange was named/invented? I learned that in a book

  29. Loving making these video’s at the moment! Gonna be making a lot more of these and posting montages from my Twitch! So make you sure click that bell and stay active☺️

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