Minecraft Parkour with Crazy facts 😳 Part #5

Sound by voice actor Ryan!

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  1. When you press the accelerator and brakes it rev's

  2. Legend says he is still trying to eat his sandwich

  3. “Did you seriously just say orange eight times in one sentence and it actually makes sense?”
    Did you seriously just count how many times he said orange?

  4. “If one teacher can’t teach all subjects, why is one Child expected to learn all subjects?”
    Elementary school teachers: Am I a joke to you??

  5. “The elemelons”
    Me:thinking about the zodiac signs

  6. If an Orange is call an Orange, because it's Orange, they why aren't Bananas called Yellows?

  7. ᯽ シ 𓂀 ꧁ T o a s T ꧂ 𓂀 シ ᯽ says:

    🌈The Fairybread Has Awakened🍞…

  8. ᯽ シ 𓂀 ꧁ T o a s T ꧂ 𓂀 シ ᯽ says:

    🌈The Fairybread Has Awakened🍞…

  9. ᯽ シ 𓂀 ꧁ T o a s T ꧂ 𓂀 シ ᯽ says:

    🌈The Fairybread Has Awakened🍞…


  11. Yea I'ma screenshot this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I couldn't stop laughing with the "we could call them.. THE ELAMELONS🤯"

  13. The orange one made me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂

  14. "The elemelons.."
    What a majestical thing you have created young man.

  15. It’s a shipment… on either a car or ship… if your shipping it… and cargo is for either a car or ship… as long as it’s cargo

  16. It’s called water melon because it has a lot of water in it

  17. Um a teacher teaches for one period or maybe has two but goes and teaches other classes too including other subjects so maybe ur wrong

  18. Meloments or Melonments woulda be better than elemelons

  19. Pov me knowing that if you press the break and the gas you get the outcome of reving your engine

  20. You deserve a like, that was mind blowing!

  21. What happens when you press the brake and the accelerator at the same time? You delete your brake calibers

  22. Orange actually comes from the Old French word for the citrus fruit – 'pomme d'orenge' – according to the Collins dictionary. This in turn is thought have come from the Sanskrit word "nāranga" via Persian and Arabic

  23. The 1 and2 ones acctully are relatable like literlly

  24. Tell me why I told my friends all of these the second I watched this 😂

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