Minecraft: SPRINT PARKOUR! – Game 4 – NoxCrew GameShow 2014








Approaching Nirvana – Death of a King


  1. Wow ant I can't believe you are moving all your games to the mcsg server. Lol just read on mcsg website.

  2. I like that antvenom brought this series back i watch the first NoxCrew GameShow which was awesome!!!

  3. They r so going to win the Olympics because Taylor and Jordan both have done it before

  4. Why does skydoesminecraft not record is it because he is editing some parts

  5. Hi my name is the TheGamingVortex im starting my channel out. I do minecraft. At the moment im doing a hardcore letsplay. in the future im going to do unboxing more pc games and game review i hope you enjoy my content please subscribe and help me out. THANKS!!!!!!

  6. Can some one imagine ninjas in lemon trousers vs dreamy crafters

  7. Is it just me or do the cameras look like cores?

  8. Since antvenom finds the need to advertise on other channels with momey, ill advertise cheaper 😀 At 100 subs im doing a banner giveaway 😉 cum sub

  9. Woo! That was tense. Maybe your team will break the curse and win as blue…

  10. Does anyone else feel minecraft is coming to an end?

  11. Was ant on drugs when he did this? He was shaking so much its hurting my head!

  12. Captain sparklez plus ant in parkour is a gg for sky deadlox and brotato

  13. Hey Ant, I just watched Definitely Accidental. It is really funny and I'm glad you were one of the people in it.

  14. His name is taylor?!!?!?!?
    i never knew that i feel like an idiot.

  15. Taylor I believe that blue team will win it all

  16. Okay ant venom were can I find part 5 finaly?

  17. Ninjas in Lemon Trousers VS The Dreamy Crafters


  18. Seriously you are so annoying just shut up and stop trying to cheat all the time

  19. Got a little annoyed and confused temporarily, but dang tho, that was flipping INTENSE GAH

  20. I'm not try a be mean but this guy is dumb. "I think I'm confused. This games too hard"

  21. Ant, and i thought u were good at parkour……..

  22. ☁️🌊⛅️🌈🌁☁️❄️🌚🌚🌚🌚🌘🌘🌗🌕🌗🌌🌘🍂🍂

  23. Better way to have done the button-parkour would have been to have one guy spam the button, have another guy move up onto that, spam the next button, have the other guy move up to that one, spam that button, and just bring the person in the back up to the front and repeat.

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