Minecraft Xbox – 25 Jump St. Parkour – Part 1 – The Games Begin

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Hey Guys! Today i will be doing a Playthorugh series of a Parkour Map called ’25 Jump St.’. There are 25 Levels to complete so lets see how we do! Please do leave a LIKE it really helps and Subscribe if you would like to see more!

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  1. Plz plz plz 9lz plz plz plz plz plz z plz add me my gamertag Is

  2. Hi, can I play parkour with you? I love parkour but Idk how to download maps. My xb1 gt is: sockmonkey9598

  3. Did anyone else think this was gonna be 22 jump street map
    PS “my name is Jeff" :-

  4.  big b add conker 321 on xbox 360 he has a massive hide and seek map

  5. hey bigbstatz wach my channel i play minecraft i found stampys house so youtube name is humza chasecool if u guys see this comment see my video plz

  6. By the way, most of them have alternate jumps if you miss them, they are sorta hidden.

  7. It's mooshoom because moo cow mushroom and combine them you get mooshoom

  8. I love your videos

    [] []


  9. great bid whatch my channel to subscribe like and comment

  10. Thx for playing the map. Our sign was in the beginning.

  11. Bigbsta play critical strike mini craft and in profile press friends and add me my name is enderboy30 plzzzzz

  12. big b your suppose to on the winter one not jump on the snowy grass block

  13. I sent you a friend request on minecraft and you never responded to it

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