Minecraft Xbox – 25 Jump St. Parkour – Part 1 – The Games Begin

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Hey Guys! Today i will be doing a Playthorugh series of a Parkour Map called ’25 Jump St.’. There are 25 Levels to complete so lets see how we do! Please do leave a LIKE it really helps and Subscribe if you would like to see more!

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  1. I love when BIG B STATZs plays ❤👄💝👍💻

  2. Awesome vid as always Big B. I would really appreciate a shoutout or you checking out my channel. That would be AWESOME. Again. Awesome vid 🙂


  4. HELLO!!!! Add ErtQuake333 for xbox 360 hunger games and hide and seek,skywars, and more.

    Great video big b

  5. Do u have a ps4 I have an awesome glitches village I'd love to send u a pic of

  6. Your brill at parkour you messaged me on Twitter I'm now a YouTube I'm finding it tricky i don't if I should carry on nobody watches me so I don't know what to do

  7. when your on the mic do u sound different when ur editing

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  9. I love how level two and three first jump is a quad

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  11. Here's a parkor tip: sneak then jump on the block sneaking brings you all the way to the end of the block Always works for me

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  13. Great vid mate! Love your content you deserve a billion subs! Trust me your brill!

  14. Do u think I can do it with u plz my gamer tag is Enderminer55

  15. I thought you where White your voice is like a white guy

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