Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Parkour Gameplay

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay featuring Parkour

Mirror’s Edge series:


  1. Hey bud, you check out titanfall 2? I think you'd really enjoy it

  2. Hey GameKiller just curious if you get any micro stutter in this game aswell?

  3. I always hated that game; but that's an exciting gameplay though (-:

  4. why did the community die so fast for this game?

  5. this game is a shit
    in real life have gravity in game not working > fantacy game

  6. Wow 2017, and still more Mirror's Edge gameplay videos. Keep it up bro! Make this game great again!

  7. which software are you using for game recording

  8. Nice filming! I likes the no HUD and its just so relaxing to play this game:) Anyways good job on the video and good luck with YouTube in the future <3

  9. The mirror's edge games have different faiths in different cities

  10. Have a parkour was cool i want that how to download?..

  11. The only complaint I have with the game is the grapple hook, I really hate how it messes up the flow of the parkour to stop completely and tear down a wall, it really ruins the parkour, the flow and I'm sure most people will agree

  12. How many money i need for buy this game in PC?

  13. Who likes if this game has a third person

  14. It's not a huge problem but I kinda wish it had more of a head bobble but other than that 8/10 great game

  15. am i the only one who came here bcs of that thumbnail? im a girl btw lol

  16. I love this game i keep making a new game

  17. Há algum problema em usar sua gameplay como fundo do meu vídeo?

  18. Is she taking a selfie in the thumbnail or something?

  19. Hey this game so….COOL they should make More

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