MrBeast $10,000 Lego Parkour! (Blender Animation)

This is not meant as hate to MrBeast in any way, He is a great guy and really makes the world a better place!

Animated/voiced/edited: By me

Some youtubers that helped me/I got inspiration from:
Citrines animation
Calvin Brown animation

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  1. This guy made an ww2 german 88mm cannon into a glue gun weird.

  2. Bruh iron man, batman and palpatine cheated

  3. Most certainly captures Legos sense of humor.

  4. Couldn't iron man just fly straight to the finish 😂

  5. I liked how iron man was flying through the whole thing

  6. He does relize that testla is bad for the environment right

  7. Mr.beast 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000” triệu đô La

  8. question what happen to r2d2 after this video

  9. 2:102:12 emmet somehow smiles when he is gonna be put into the superglue cannon

  10. I don’t know if that’s actually what Mr. beasts Voice sounds like is that actually your voice

  11. So when Mr. beast said 321 his body parts went Two different spots were other body parts are supposed to be

  12. Bro did the bully dance from Spider-man 3 at the end

  13. What application did you use to make the animation?

  14. Tournament of elements, but this is mr beast

  15. Me lleva al diablo ese Mrbeast de Lego perdio 100,000 mil tornillos en ese parkour y los 100,000 mil dólares 🤯😱

  16. yes, and kill all the people! Perhaps he would have prepared the coffins

  17. Animation at the highest level! And special respect for sending me to "Breaking Bad."

  18. Honestly this looks like something jimmy would actually do lol 😂

  19. “This person is hanging on for his life”
    person dies

  20. Bro this guy has the finest high quality Lego animation

  21. The bit where it says I bought super glue and a super glue cannon was hilarious

  22. 2:51 Yes! Loved seeing Shrek killed by Sidious. Unlimited power!

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