my impossible parkour game…

In this video, I use unity to create a first person platformer with a tron/vaporwave aesthetic that has a main mechanic of being able to switch between two dimensions…


Play the game:

//About Me
Hi I’m Retro a game developer who uses the Unity Game Engine to create games, I do random challenges like ripping off a popular game or making a game in under a certain amount of time. I’m yet to release a commercial game but I want to in the future.

– Metaphazic (prod. Slipstream)
– Highball (prod. Lukrembo)
– Butter(prod. Lukrembo)
– Balloon(prod. Lukrembo)

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Chadderbox – Making a game WITHOUT a GAME ENGINE

0:00 Intro
0:34 Theme Reveal
0:48 My Ideas
1:16 Movement
1:26 Graphics
2:00 Dimension Shifting
2:35 “Research” and Making Rooms
3:16 DOOR
3:25 New Mechanic??
4:09 Adding Audio
4:50 Pause and Main Menu
5:10 Final Touches and Submitting The Game
5:52 Outro


  1. It's been 4 months since this video released and i only just realised i said "making a small game in just a few months" instead of days lmao

  2. Yooooooooo, retro! This is sick! Loved the game!

    (This is Luak games)

  3. Titanfall 2? Effect and cause? Oh man, you have me wrapped around your finger.

  4. This was such a great video! Thanks for joining the jam, Retro, and I look forward to seeing what you create next! 😀

  5. Wow, in only 3 days?? If i knew that when i was rating I'd have rated higher… (^.^")

    …Yeah, most ppl don't often read the description page xD

  6. Omfg. This with every side of the object in your hand. As in different colors. So you unlock more colors and can go back to old levels. And colors side by side are the only ones you can rotate to. So we can build more complex platforming.

  7. Yo this video is so clean, really enjoyed it! Keep up the awesome stuff Retro – your gamedev and YouTube skills are both increasing crazy fast!

  8. Another awesome video, retro! You keep making awesome videos and games! The game was really awesome! I guess I don’t read the description. lol

  9. Let’s goooo ** – filtered ur name just in case

  10. Ah yes, Titanfall 2 – one of the best games in existence

  11. Awesome vid! The game looks fun. Will give it a try.

  12. Really like the style of this game! It reminds me of trying to get the tape in Celeste.

  13. Definitely continue this game! It’s an awesome idea and it seems to be really good quality too!

  14. Good video! loved the idea of ur to change the colors and stuff, very cool game, congrats on finishing the jam 😉

  15. You seem like you have 50k subscribers at the very least by your style, description, editing, and overall quality, then I checked your sub count.
    Holy, you are underrated!

  16. You're a genius, did you make any wall-merging games? (I'm new to your channel)

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