My Parkour Experience

i did a parkour!
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Music (used with permission)
Don’t Bring Me Down – Justin OH


  1. Aw yes the best way to make friends:parkour

  2. “You’d have to be crazy!” Alex was never seen again

  3. I have to say don’t tell James this but you’re animation is so much better.


  5. I do parkor and some how I have not broken something yet also its cold a kong not a kong vault

  6. So when I was in school, we used to have like this door thing in our gym And we were playing a game or something I forgot what it was And I tried to run up and I stuck for like two seconds and then just fall in my arm and I’m like well that hurt and I get back up and they’re like you need to go sit down I’m like but but I’m fine, but my arm was literally bleeding😅

  7. Don’t teach yourself tricks, even on a trampoline. I taught myself a front hand spring on a trampoline and, broke my arm and had surgery.

  8. I went to parkour,I don't go there anymore

  9. Very like this comment gets I will do 5 push ups

  10. My feet almost broke when I side flip

  11. Me when the intro says that it's for people over the age of 13(I'm just under that): I'mma rebel! 😎

  12. Fun fact I have been to every boise landmark timtom went to

  13. Bro great job on the special effects 10/10

  14. Montage montage roadside bathroom

    Adam, somethingelseyt

  15. Me:_breaks arm_A Æ ÆÆÆÆÆÆ!!!!

  16. This is the 26th time watching this vid and I feel so young yet so old
    2019: 4 times
    2020: 7 times
    2021: 9 times
    2022: 4 times
    2023: 1 time
    2024: 1 time

  17. This video got me into parkour, make a tutorial tho?

  18. Do you really like your character's name But it's a bit silly

  19. dont check who brody is following on instagram

  20. The parkour community was hyped when we saw this

  21. WDYM 3:31
    h o o e
    a. u a
    t. n
    I want to see an uncensored version of this video

  22. why are my two most favorite youtubers always wearing green shirts, animators and has a character that is bald 😂(sorry if that's mean by comparing and stuff 😁😅)

  23. This is a video for 13+

    Nah i love timtom i am subbed with notifications

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