My Thoughts on (Roblox) Parkour Reborn

this is my opinion

Music used:
Cipher – LEMMiNO ()
Better Days – Lakey Inspired ()
Yoshi’s Island, Map – Nintendo ()

Videos used:
ROBLOX Parkour Reborn District Trailor – A Mongoose Studio [the devs for reborn] ()
Roblox Parkour Reborn Devlog 1.0 – A Mongoose Studio [the devs for reborn] ()

Game is Parkour:
however soon it will be replaced by the game i was talking about in this video

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  1. Good video, you won't need to worry about content, Reborn will have plenty of stuff to do with a relatively steady stream of content planned for at least a year or two after release.The mechanics are absolutely different, it feels familiar but fresh.

  2. 2:10 Legacy is usually at 700-900 players during the day in UK time zones but averages 2,000 players consistently during the day in North American time zones.

  3. Astocia *aka esther* ( My Fic Countryball ) says:

    Will It Support Mobile When This game Releases ?


  5. I think you should give this parkour ROBLOX game called district cascade it's a really good one

  6. yooooooo you're literally the only reason i beat advanced tutorial thank you so much

  7. Bro fr had to flex his voice at the beggining of this vid 💀

  8. the advanced tutorial video made me recognize you immediately

  9. level 360 here, i can agree with alot of what you say, especially at 1:40 "i dont know how i made myself go through running around for 120 levels", bro i felt that

  10. Can we pls have a how to tutorial ? been waiting a while

  11. you now have the duty to make a tutorial video on reborn's in-game tutorial

  12. You're just gonna be playing parkour reborn when it comes out and someone is just gonna join and just be like:
    "Low quality mirror's edge"

  13. Its the guy who taught me slj lol

  14. Main thing with Reborn is: it actually feels like playing a parkour game again. Legacy is too focused on tricks that can give you insane speed out of nowhere, Rebrorn seems to make you actually think about how you can create and keep up the momentum you need to jump from one building to another.

  15. Looks and probably will feel like mirrors edge.

  16. 3:15 is why I commit to not watching videos like tuts on yt i want the FULL parkour reborn gameplay not a game where i know every single god damn feature

  17. also man there is only one feature that is the same to legacy parkour THE PARKOUR

  18. 3 Months later reborn is still not even in testing lol

  19. I m like lvl177 and playing legacy every day but you're right I m actually bored and then I switched to district cascade its actually fun because of the new mechanics but after reaching like 300-400 lvl in that I'm bored again so i m also scared what will happen with reborn

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