My worst Fails at EVERY age #fails


  1. Ngl the last one kinda looked like the gta fall

  2. Those poor jordans…

    W man for not giving up

  3. THE LAST ONE MADE ME SCROLL BEFORE HE LANDED i couldnt feel my knees after watching this

  4. 2013: Small jump, Big Injury
    2023: BEEG JUMP, smol injury

  5. Bro took "NEVER BACK DOWN NEVER WHAT….Never give up" next level💀

  6. OMG on 2 clips you almost hit your head!!!

  7. Lemmi tell you the times I bonked my head during the year
    2019i bonked on the wall
    I bonked on s metal part
    I almost slipped on the stairs and bonked my head on railings
    Bonked on cement
    I can't count it all
    But I finally fell down the stairs
    Blood was gushing all out of my head lol
    Unlucky I didn't die
    2021 I also can't count it

    2022idek how many
    2023 I tried to kill my self on school at a test cuz I found out we would get our diploma and graduate

  8. Your friends are the best on the hide from camera challenge they just came what great friends😊

  9. Bro is mile morales irl without the help from people

  10. Bro I think we might have just found the REAL main character
    Who agrees

  11. Learn from your mistakes
    Failure is the best teacher

  12. Hero should be spider man miles morales like actual👍 and never give up like hero true hero🤩

  13. My worst fail: Jumping off a playground and trying to do a 360 I broke my arm 2022 😂

  14. It looks like soft hits but man is hurting

  15. The guy is master parkour look like miles morales so don't give up it look like it's your dream

  16. Bro watching this video i realised that I am home alone at 3am

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