NEW Parkour Game Announced (2021) – Storror Parkour Pro

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  1. One must be idiot to play this game whilst you can do it in the street for free all by yourself. Plus you will gain a fit and healthy body running and jumping around instead of sitting in front of a screen and make them rich. It is just commercial and profit oriented

  2. this isnt happening lol i think people need to be scammed just to learn

  3. Storror team not being disappointing when doing their stuffs is 100% irrelevant. Even though they were coding it themselves, them being able to be great at parkour doesn't mean they are great at coding, game designing, 3D modeling etc. Fortunately they are not making the game, but people not knowing about game design do not understand what it means to translate an idea into a functional mechanic, even just supervising the development they could mess it.

    To be fair, unfortunately, from start there are a lot of things that looks pretty poorly thought, starting with the roadmap. And factually, one year later, the game is a very rough and unimpressive pre alpha, while it was planned to be in early access by now. And knowing game development it was very likely to be the case. Being able to draw a credible road map is 1 0 1 of game production, not being able to do so (and say to people doubting about it "dude we work 20 hours a week" like if a continuous crunch did anything good to any studio) is a major red flag about development competences.

  4. you always gotta have hate or expose every one:(

  5. mirrors edge id still consider a parkour game because of how much it revolves around rooftop traversal. it even has an entire skill tree dedicated parkour. yes you still have missions etc but they all require doing parkour.

  6. Honestly, I feel as if Storror should make a fifth gamemode. Basically World Chase Tag but with ranks. The better you are at the game and getting evasions, the more cosmetics you can unlock for your in-game character. Just a thought but I think it'll add some competitiveness to the game!

  7. 20 hours a day isn't healthy for game development

  8. 'world's first PURE parkour videogame'

    the kinda forgor 'Free Running' on PS2

  9. I'm worried about the look
    It's too grounded
    In saying go yoo crazy but something to make the movement, environment and characters pop
    It need a define personality

  10. so i found your channel recently through non parkour related things, but then looked through your channel and realized your passion is parkour. ive always found parkour to be amazing but physically it was just never meant for me even when i was younger as my love growing up in the extreme sports world was skateboarding which i got pretty good at when i was younger as i got sponsored by zumiez for a short period before other things in life happened that me to move on from it(which i wish i never stopped at age 34 at this point) and moved into playing yugioh professionally and then near pro in counterstrike. me and my best friend would watch parkour stuff when we would find it because we both found it interesting. mirrors edge is one of my favorite story based computer games of all time. when ever this comes out i def plan to check it out

  11. you know what would be a dope feature? If there was like a Steam workshop kind of deal, where poeple could submit spots they find all over the world for people to try out in game

  12. A simple online version of the game IT would be brilliant

  13. Just so you know there’s so many games that focus but purely on parkour

  14. I skate (some.. started last year, at 46.. effin love it), ride motorcycles, and train (bjj/kick boxing/mma.. been on that for 15years).
    I don't do parkour. Found your channel like a month ago, and I'm keep coming back (okay.. legit hooked = now subbed. 😀 ).
    You're nice with it, Star.
    You've legit got me wanting to wade into those parkour waters.
    Stay bringing it.

  15. Bit late to discovering this but I think one thing that would help this slingshot would be open to modding, games like skater xl are just so much better cause they are open to modding

  16. There was a pure parkour game on PSP that's called "Free Running" 😉

  17. Actually there was a game for ps2 called “free running” look it up it was pretty good it was a pretty big thing back in the game it was almost like tony hawk but it was PURELY ENTIRELY focused on parkour

  18. if anyone has dreams (the game ) what about that PK pakour?

  19. if there isnt female characters i will cry

  20. It's to early to say anything.
    Yeah the idea sounds cool, but as of right now they are selling a concept and not much more.

    My two cents are:
    This concept, right now, hasn't shown much novelty. Yes, they claim to be a fully parkour game.

    But like you have shown, gamers know parkour already from other titles. I would go even so far and claim that much of their games supposed features, as of right now, already exist in Mirrors Edge. In of itself nothing bad, but that comparison alone can be somewhat of a high bar for what is basically an indie game.

    Further, gamers know this type of concept selling and the hype that goes along with it. Only time will tell if they can live up to expectations. I remain sceptical.

  21. The first game purely about parkour was free running for ps2

  22. Making fun videos games is hard. It will be interesting to see how it goes but I'm sceptical.

  23. I wonder how much it will be. I am saving an xbox gift card i got for my birthday, but idk if it will be enough.

  24. Really enjoyed the patellar tendonitis joke coming back to this as I have recently been told I have it

  25. Ngl I’ll be shocked if there isn’t a “tag” or “capture the flag” mode, in some capacity. For example, imagine a small 1v1 map tag game mode. the attacker tries to tag the runner within 45 seconds, the runner tries to survive for 45 seconds without being tagged. Best of 3 rounds. Obviously a classic capture the flag mode needs to happen with teams, but also a “free for all” capture the flag would be cool. Where the goal is to hold on to the flag for as long as possible while everyone tries to steal it from each other. Forget the challenges tbh. Couldn’t care less, just make cool mechanics, aesthetic and functioning maps with a lot of environmental interaction and good game modes

  26. Agree to your conclusion. And I think Storror are the perfect group of people to do that/be a big part of it. I just hope they kick the deadline and release it "when it's done". They love what they do, and for me as someone who doesn't do parkour (or rather I only got interested in it rather recently) the bits in between the actual parkour are just as entertaining as the rest, if not more so, so I'd say they totally do bring the characters, the personality etc. into it. This could totally be a "Tony Hawk of parkour". And I'd also say it is a good thing this comes out now rather than 10 or 15 years ago. It needs a lot of different spots, complex geometry and complex movement most of all, skateboarding or motocross and whatnot are a lot more two dimensional and a lot less (at least for game purposes) precise. I loved both Tony Hawks and Motocross Madness, but it was basically "approach jump at a proper angle – jump – trick – land in a somewhat decent way". No need to stick the landing, find a proper slope and just slam it down anywhere on it and try facing the right way.

  27. Nah mates. There liretally was a Parkour game on the PS2. It sucked and it clearly wasn't a passion project of people who are heavily into Parkour, but there was one.

  28. I love how everyone just forgets about a game called free running in 2007… That's actually the first parkour focused game.

  29. where is the game tho its still in early access

  30. They should just rename it Shenmue 3 at this point…

  31. There is no news of this game, has been a year already.

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