New Playstation Parkour game! (game play footage)

Created by Chase Armitage from 3RUN
More on Chases work here

3RUN Athletes Chase, Chris and Scott head out to the most epic Parkour paradise, Santorini to shoot their latest travel adventure, 3RUN the game. We wanted to know how it would look and feel if we were to create a Parkour POV computer game with hyper realistic graphics, very much like the look and feel of Mirrors Edge. As always we had an epic time shooting what we love, Parkour and Free Running with a little twist.
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3D Graphics Designer Carlos Filipo:

New Playstation Parkour game, real game play footage
Parkour POV Mirrors Edge Free Running 3RUN video 2014 Game ps4 ps3 playstation


  1. I wish I had A PS5 because my parents can afford one I wish someone could surprise me with one I would be so grateful😢❤

  2. And I thought this sh was real this prob got people thinking it’s actually a parkour game in PlayStation this is crap I mean the parkour is good but like dam that’s just clickbait 🙏🏾

  3. this video is awesome!!, santorini looks so much fun!

  4. Will you make a xbox 360 version of this guys !?

  5. This is EPIC, you guys are AMAZING 🙂 From the start to the finish guys talk about gripping stuff 🙂 the photography and choreography was PERFECT, I am stunned 🙂 sending LOVE from Ireland ♥

  6. hmmm.. the stats of the caracters are interesting

  7.  it's so clear that they never play videogames 🙂

  8. This would make such a great racing game.

  9. Congratulation for this video! 3Run the best! 🙂

  10. Awesome video, Chase. Always keep high level of filmmaking. I'm really think your videos are one of the best in PK/Freerun media

  11. GREAT JOB!!!I just waiting To play thisss 😀

  12. This is awesome guys!! It looks like you had heaps of fun out there!! Makes me wanna go there myself ^^

  13. Nice:) i guess the message behind this vid was to tell people to stop playing games and start training really great vid:) so inspiring:)thx:).

  14. Best video I've seen in ages! Good job guys!

  15. Apparently, there's no more privacy for Santorini's neighbours since last Art of Motion o_O

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