No Fall Damage Tutorial #stayflexy


  1. I Can't do harder but can do hardest

  2. Fall damage as left the chat
    Vice City physics as online on the chat

  3. Fall damage as left the chat

    Vice City physics as online on the chat

  4. What I do is I follow the momentum down but switch weight from my feet to my knees once I bent the knees all the way then sit on my knees and finish the force output

  5. This has nothing to do with the vid but, this guy looks exactly how my oc looks 👁️👄👁️

  6. Is there a way to just fall on your back without it hurting?

  7. When I was 5 I skipped all of the levels and went straight to jumping off of 10 ft platforms

  8. Instruction unclear : my cousin watched this and jumps off a building and now is in the grave, what do i do

  9. I like to cover myself with fish sauce and go swimming in a big bowl of human faeces.

  10. please go more indepth in this i wana learn moree 😀

  11. I wish they teached these things in schools

  12. Easier tutorial: say /gamerule falldamage false

  13. I remember as a kid i was able to jump from 2-3 meters and land safely ( i was abt 6-7 ) but if i do it now it usually hurts a lot so i have to learn the technique again😂

  14. When I was looking for this the only thing that popped up was some suicide prevention thing. Took forever to find lol

  15. The terminal velocity of a human is around 200mph so good luck training for that 😅

  16. I was tryna get a No fall glitch on cyberpunk and I got here💀

  17. So what would crouching for tiny prolonged periods of time do? Would that let the muscle adapt any faster or would it risk shortening the hamstring like walking on your tip toes does?

  18. Trust me, I already know everything from Gipsy Danger after the fight with Otachi

  19. You forgot legendary. You can guess what that entails

  20. Dude my brother did this on 24 blocks height and he died…….

  21. Bro looks like a blonde version of Joshua Weissman
    •Voice similar
    •Glasses Similar
    •Long hair

  22. Also if the height is too high for this,roll

  23. So pretty much do sissy squats? I've heard that those help to bulletproof the knees and quads.

  24. “No fall damage tutorial”

  25. i tried but i became a adventure guy
    but why
    me. fall and landed in hospital then coma then graveyard then heaven XD

  26. i was literally just thinking “i wonder if the stay flexy dude made a video on how to break a fall” and lo and behold he did hahahah

  27. Easiest: ✔️
    Harder:❌️(i cant bend down like that🥲)
    Hardest: dont really have a place to do that one

    But my joints keep cracking

  28. Bro but to get speed you have to use weigh

  29. Can you do a video explaining how stretching doesn’t actually change the muscle it’s just mental. And why stretching reduces injury if that’s the case

  30. just use a water bucket, it’s not that hard

  31. "İntructions unclear. I am going to try it from a skyscrape"

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