Official Teaser – STORROR Parkour PRO

Here it is! Our first teaser!
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We really want to bring you something amazing!

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  1. Looks great! I hope the overall color gamut Tint of the game is a little less Blue. Could use a slight tweak to up the warm tones a smidge.

  2. Oh god the uncanny valley on animateDrew. Looks sick though!

  3. I was worried about this game long before this trailer and this honestly solidified in. Not only does the demo animation shown look by all accounts unfinished, the game list at 0:20 is either incredibly deceitful, or blatantly untrue. The games shown are made by a verity of studios(Mainly EA), nothing online even mentions a "Hole in the sleeve" studio, much less one that's been working with EA for 2 decades. Either this studio works exclusively in under-the-hood aspects of game design(and also somehow doesn't have a scrap of information about them online), or this list is a BLATANT LIE. It's been clear from day one that storror doesn't have the budget to make a game like this good, I really hope I'm wrong, but my expectations are at rock bottom.

  4. I'm watching you from Russia.
    I don't understand anything that you say, but the videos are sincere, I laugh with you! I'm waiting for new videos! Subscriber from Russia

  5. YOO this honestly looks dope I hope it really turns into something awesome

  6. I don't even play video games and I'm waiting for this.

  7. That…was…BEAUTIFUL. I CANT WAIT!!!😆😆😆

  8. Good exciting news indeed. Namaste. ^_^

  9. i think itll do well if it has a london freeroam

  10. this actually looks really cool and i love the idea

  11. yoooooooo game changer 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. this looks like it's going to be a runaway success!!! so glad you guys are doing this and more importantly, doing it the right way!! you're not just putting it out there for the sake of putting it out there, you're actually going to set the bar with this one and I'm so glad it's you guys doing it cause you guys are top notch. trust I'm getting this the day it drops.

  13. Just noticed that none of the hand animations are in yet. Shows how many times I've watched this trailer lol

  14. This looks like it has the feel of skate 3 which if it plays even remotely similar to it it's going to be a great game

  15. It would be cool if the people would react to you doing parkour like cheering if make a hard jump

  16. I'm buying this.
    Some ideas.
    DLC movesets/characters. I understand that at the start the games gonna be small but as it grows I don't think anyone would mind if the team ended up getting other characters, maybe even some legends as the game grows and gains traction.

    Spot challenges are a no brainer everyone and their brothers gonna attempt Doms front pre at Imax. But what about run/line challenges?
    Having to nail an emulated series of motions over progressively longer and more technical lines. The could even be based on runs in some classic storror videos or parkour moments in film.
    My fan boy heart really wants to 100% the legendary David Bell District B13 run. But just imagine having to do Sebastians run in the Bond movie. Or having to nail move for move one of the Storror boys rooftop culture asia runs.

    Some kind of sticking mechanic similar to skateboard games landings where.

  17. Finally a third person parkour game. I've always dreamt of this.

  18. fiiiiiiiiire !!! please take the time you need for this !

  19. You worked on Wipeout Omega, so I'm trusting you xD
    As a Mirror's Edge fan, I always a multiplayer parkour game, glad we are finally getting one soon! Good luck on development!

  20. Porque dice que es para xbox si no se puede jugar en xbox

  21. The hands and run looks goofy but can improve it.

  22. Your animations & physics are just that good I've never seen that, not even on The ICO Team's games, wow.

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