PARKOUR 2.0 in Fortnite🏃‍♂️

MAP CODE: 8135-6194-0735 🔥

GUYS! After spending 45+ hours on just the map ALONE. It’s here!! Really hope you guys enjoy the vid but also the map! Go have fun on the map! I’m really proud of how it turned out 😁 use code “12ths” for this BANGER💙

SONG🔥 Rarin – GTA 2

CODE: 12ths (# EpicPartner)
Instagram: @ 12thhours
2nd Channel: @Ryan12th


  1. I love the new movement in fortnite

  2. Esse versos são mais emocionantes do que eu pensei. <3

  3. Bro your mak always randomly freezes pls fix it

  4. Anyone else come here immediately after watching Muselks Reaction video to him? Bruh this was awesome!

  5. That is fucking insane 😳 well done mate iv just come from muselk's video and come to check you out I'm gunna sub great work ,is this from that cod mission I feel like I remember the layout if that makes sense 🤣👌👍

  6. A loottt better than the real game. Wish games were this cool. 😍🌟

  7. The song used in this video has less views than this video itself lol. Rarin is soo good.

  8. When u lose ur mum at the store and ur trying to find her:

  9. 1:20 y'all noticed how 12th looked both ways b4 crossing the street? Shows how much he cares abt safety 😂

  10. The only thing i tried to find in the comments was what the song name was

  11. Not gonna lie. It looks like Marionette is training to be a better Lady bug.

  12. Can’t wait to see the newest video because they just added a very good parkour system to Fortnite. Actual vaults and clean mount animations.

  13. what is the name of that skin?

  14. So can you really make Cars Move as Civilian Car Traffic in Fortnite Creative!

    It looks like it in this video.

    How do you do that?

  15. This is the 12th Hour type videos i remember they are insane like movie edits

  16. when mirrors edge and fortnite collab be like:

  17. Am I the only one? Bc the elevator won’t work and the bots don’t spawn?

  18. I tried the map today and the elevator where it's supposed to take you up, didn't work. If you see this please fix this problem. Thank you

  19. WTF?? You have top notch entertainment experience 💯🔥🔥🔥

  20. I subbed after the subway surfers video. Now I'm binge watching your channel!

  21. I think theres a bug when i go to the elevator the elevator doesn't work it doesn't Lift me up
    (edit) and theres no guards too

  22. Worst map ever I have try and it doesn't even work when you try to stand it pushes you right off

  23. OMG this is a good video you should make more of these they are killer and the music is also nice

  24. Creative 2.0 be like: the future of fortnite this parkour map: the future of fortnite parkour

  25. This reminds me of a game called mirrors edge on Xbox 360

  26. OH MY GOODNESS I didn’t know this video was from 12th hour

  27. The best map in FORTNITE for you snd your friends


  28. i beat your time 2.27.17 im dumb i edited it because i didnt realize it shows your time

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