Parkour Expert REACTS to the Evolution of Parkour Games

Join us as we leap through the history of parkour in video games. From its early representations to the latest releases, our parkour expert analyzes how the discipline has been translated into the virtual world. Our seasoned parkour practitioner provides a unique perspective on the fluidity of movements, the accuracy of in-game physics, and the overall feel of parkour in a digital space.
What’s your favorite parkour game? Do you think games do a good job of capturing the essence of parkour? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the expert in this video are based on personal experience and may not reflect the full scope of parkour in gaming. Unlock the secrets behind the laughter with skibidi toilet games. Delve into the origins, explore character nuances, and discover the unexpected plot twists that have defined this internet sensation. Join the community of Skibidi Toilet enthusiasts and become part of the ongoing hilarity that is toilet monsters and cameramen at war!
Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
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Parkour Expert REACTS to the Evolution of Parkour Games


  1. I swear, Omar just seems like the coolest dude. 🤙🏼

  2. Former test subject reacts to SCP containment breach.

  3. Hey look at the ending at vector is pretty sad

  4. Major improvement using showcases. Still with the cursory research giving us things like Mirror's Edge in 2008 and showing Catalyst twice lol. Did you run the edit by Iggy before publishing?

  5. on the next episode of expert reacts: real crime scene cleaner reacts to viscera cleanup detail!

    i jest but here's been crazier on here.

  6. You call it Parkour, Aladdin calls it "Evading the guards," I think his feet are good as long as they are attached lol

  7. Which cities are great places to learn parkour?

  8. Why using Mirror's Edge Catalyst two times ?

  9. The interesting thing about the original Prince of Persia is that the animations were all rotoscoped and digitized into the game, which made them look super fluid for the era.

  10. I'm surprised no Mario games are in this. Are wall jumps parkour?

  11. Wait, what was that outfit from de second AC game? I think it's AC Unity

  12. it showed catalyst in the original mirrors edge section and pre-release footage of dying light 2…

  13. I love these reacts, but it's almost like Gamology always intentionally picks out the worst possible gameplays for the games. Please, work on this, or get someone who knows videogames.

  14. Assassins are stylish parkourists of their eras.

  15. The two mirrors edge sections look similar because they showed the same game

  16. They used an average person as an animation reference for the first Prince of Persia.

  17. thank you for using my gameplay! always love hearing Omar's thoughts. And Arno really bealived in that bush 😂

  18. not sure if anyone noticed but they put mirror's edge catalyst (the second one) for mirror's edge (first one) at 11:13

  19. @Gamology PLEASE have parkour expert react to "Free running" the game on ps2… that game was so epic and i feel like the expert(s) would have a lot to say

  20. I would love to see them react to the newer versions of Dying Light 2, parkour has improved A TON, along with nearly every other aspect of the game.

  21. Cowards, showing Mirror's edge Catalyst instead of the original.

  22. for your info. this was a modded version of assassins creed unity

  23. You used mirrors edge catalyst footage twice 😂

  24. the camera does bobble in dying light 2. whoever is playing mustve had it turned off

  25. There's a new Parkour game coming out sometime soon on steam called Rooftops & Alleys that has some spot on moves too

  26. Why did he say the og mirrors ege but it’s caytalyst?

  27. I’m surprised y’all didn’t do dying light

  28. I'm getting pissed off with this guy he's going to complain with Odyssey again

  29. You guys forgot Rebellion's Free Running.

  30. Call dreams you can make your own games True pk

  31. hey so i have both STRIDE games and they are AMAZING. the gun play 8/10 the gun play in the other one ( stride: fates) 10/10 .
    parkour amazing and a HUGE exercise. But i really do recommend the game. well both games.

  32. What outfit is the character wearing in AC unity, i dont recognize that

  33. man only if the dying light 2 gameplay wasnt hella outdated they were showing him pre release gameplay

  34. Did you guys seriously just use Catalyst for both the original and sequel footage?…
    It's bad enough you don't represent the games you showcase that well, when it comes to showing parkour to parkour experts, or accurate cop/criminal roleplaying to cops/criminals, etc. But this is just sloppy.

  35. I need you to react to Dying Light 1 gameplay once more becouse the one shown to you was done by al someone with no exprience in movemrnt in the game and on a low level character with alnost no advanced moves. Thing that can be done in this game with full parkour skill tree unlocked and mastering the movement are very, and i mean VERY imressive

  36. Oh shit the Expert is the same age as me, you got me anxious about my place in life

  37. Please do a review on the storror parkour game that is currently in development when it eventually comes out

  38. I like how this guy not even gamer. but still has better opinions than most of gamers.
    For example: "no one cares about realistic you want to super in video games".

  39. For Mirrors Edge and Mirrors Edge Catalyst they showed Mirros Edge Catalyst footage For both games (You should fire the person for bad compillation)

  40. 19:37 its a old version of dl2 parkour is better right now it got updated

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