Parkour Experts RANK Assassin’s Creed Games

Are you ready for some epic parkour action? In this episode of Expert Ranks, our parkour experts Omar and Sara are going to rank the parkour scenes from

12 different Assassin’s Creed games. From the breathtaking views of Renaissance Italy to the bustling streets of Victorian London, Omar, and Sara will be analyzing each game’s parkour elements based on speed, agility, and overall style.

Watch as our experts provide their expert commentary on each game, discussing the most impressive and innovative parkour techniques used by the game’s protagonists. Whether it’s scaling a towering cathedral or navigating the narrow alleyways of a medieval city, Omar and Sara will be rating each scene based on the skill and finesse of the character’s movements.
Sara Mudallal
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Omar Zaki
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Thanks to NexaTerra Gaming for the gameplay:

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Parkour Experts RANK Assassin’s Creed Games


  1. Who ever was showcasing the parkour didnt show wall ejects, side ejects, leap climb or vaulting. Unity is best

  2. The guy who recorded the gameplays made this video disappointing

  3. Seriously how should Parkour experts react to such bad Gameplay.. Take Jcers, Dallin S or Altair Stealth clips and then show it to them.. They will probably be speechless but the clips you chose are horrible horrible your just simply pressing one button, there aren't even side jumps.

    Do the complete video again but with REAL PROFESSIONAL AC PARKOUR

  4. The fact that they think ac1 and acu are in the same level is just wild to me, stupid even😂 they're right about odyssey tho, we all agree

  5. Unity has the best Parkour. Should use gameplay from Swifty Unknown or other similar AC players.

    Origins had a descent story but the parkour was basic and bare bones compared to the previous entries.

  6. I'm amazed how were you able to show the worst possible clip of Unity parkour.

  7. The reason why a lot of the games are getting similar ratings is because they use the same mocap and movement systems between engines.

    The engines go as follows: AC1 – AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations – AC3, Black Flag, Rogue – AC Unity, AC Syndicate – Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla

  8. Every showcase should have the description "Every Assassin is a super-human that make them easily do it", except Kassandra, she had the Spear that make she a mega ultra super-human so she can spin around in the air and landed like that.

  9. Altair can do vertical wall run in AC1, sadly they didnt see it, maybe they have played before and knew about it then

  10. This was stupid. The player didn't know how to play unity!

  11. instead showing the game characters running around on rooftop, why not include they climbing tall building? So we can see the expert react and thought more to climbing technique.

  12. I’m not the best at unity parkour but goddam that was bad

  13. Unity was very under utilized in this video. There are way more animations for traversing on different objects.

    Imo, AC3 and Unity had it down for me in terms of parkour.

  14. Instead of just reacting to videos you guys should play all the AC games by yourself for better understanding


    Man who choose the gameplays …the unity clip was so bad…the gamer has no skills in that clip ..and it was at some outskirt type of place…there weren't even buildings just farms …use better clips

  16. whoever chose this clips 😕 ,your selection isn't good…at all

  17. Didn’t showcase Unity’s parkour in its entirety

  18. the person recording for odyssey probably had low graphics settings, its not normally that bad

  19. What! are you kidding me they gave As and Bs to the old assassins creed games from the early 2000s just because of their poorly made graphics and parkour skills and once they saw Assassins Creed odyssey And Valhalla they give it a D and a F and their horrible? Look at the other ones you just reviewed

  20. For unity there really should have been a bigger emphasis on the climbing instead jumping in the videos. It's probably still exagurated, but in the best way possible. I also haven't played valhalla, but I do like the feeling of the heaviness to it all since the character isn't supposed to be light and super agile.

  21. Gameology can you please hire me for your gameplay like wtf was this??

  22. Horrible choices of gameplay, specially for unity, you can find way better clips on YouTube

  23. Even non gamers are rejecting Valhalla as an Assassin's Creed game

  24. Gamology needs to redo this vid or do part 2 showing some parkour montage for each game but using existing YT videos and credit the creators

  25. The people who provided the gameplay are just trash

  26. Someone at Gamology doesn't know how to play Unity good. Literally no use of the descent function

  27. They need to react to new parkour update in dying light 2 when it comes up in June

  28. tbh the guy was fucking cringe (according to his knowledge all demi gods and gods should die from falling and honestly ac syndicate parkour is not bad)

  29. Y'all need to redo this but actually get someone who knows the parkour mechanics in these games to do the recordings, because even I'm better than this video when it comes to unity parkour.

  30. Saying Odyssey's graphics are worse is something even the haters won't tell.

  31. well a comment for how he said that assassins are more agile and stuff, valhalla is meant to be set in a period where assassins weren't existing yet so basically we're looking at the first assassins ever so it means that the more they evolved in the timeline is the more they became agile and fast

  32. The Gameplay of unity is the best parcour but in this video……

  33. Based on the footage that was given to them, the ranking was fair and accurate.

  34. They did Unity dirty with those basic clips, because we all know, Unity is the pinnacle of parkour in the AC franchise. Easily S imo.

  35. Kinda disappointed in the choice of clips in Unity. They didn't showcase any of the cool and fancy stuff, they didn't even show the basic things like parkour down or smooth descend. There was also no variation in the jumping, you should only be holding Lshift and space (or X on controller) when doing very large jumps, which didn't occur in this clip at all, and when using it wrong it looks janky af. You guys should do a separate video where u guys show actual good clips from people on YouTube that really know what they're doing. Just look up AC Unity (or any ac game for that matter) parkour sequence and you'll find amazing stuff. I liked the video it's just a shame you used such bland and boring clips, for pretty much every game. Even side ejects (or side hops in unity) and back ejects were left out of it, which are a very big part of parkour in these games.

  36. While odysse doesn't have the best parkour at all, I feel like they did it wrong. Parkour in odyssey is basically the same as in Origins, though I will admit that for some reason it feels better in Origins, but they just intentionally chose the worse place to start parkour ( on literal rocks) and didn't do any real parkour, they just climbed and jumped of the roof. In terms of graphics, which isn't really the point of the video but I'll say it anyway, Odyssey objectively is one of the most beautiful games in the series with the same engine as origins but because of the setting with the more vibrant colors and the beautiful blue sea it looks better in some way.
    So not only did they to odyssey wrong in pakrour but also in graphics.

  37. The proper ranking if they showed proper clips:

    S-tier: Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    A-tier: Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Assassin's Creed 1
    B-tier Assassin's Creed Rogue, Assassin's Creed 2 -> Revelations
    C-tier: Assassin's Creed Origins, arguably Odyssey and Valhalla otherwise both of them in D

  38. speaking as someone who owns a massive cloak they are not light at all, they dont flow they, dont lend well to movement they drape over you, you know cloak you.

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