Parkour Experts RANK Assassin’s Creed Games

Are you ready for some epic parkour action? In this episode of Expert Ranks, our parkour experts Omar and Sara are going to rank the parkour scenes from

12 different Assassin’s Creed games. From the breathtaking views of Renaissance Italy to the bustling streets of Victorian London, Omar, and Sara will be analyzing each game’s parkour elements based on speed, agility, and overall style.

Watch as our experts provide their expert commentary on each game, discussing the most impressive and innovative parkour techniques used by the game’s protagonists. Whether it’s scaling a towering cathedral or navigating the narrow alleyways of a medieval city, Omar and Sara will be rating each scene based on the skill and finesse of the character’s movements.
Sara Mudallal
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Omar Zaki
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Thanks to NexaTerra Gaming for the gameplay:

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Parkour Experts RANK Assassin’s Creed Games


  1. Bro wtf are these clips 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😐

  2. Man, I got cancer from watching the video, who the hell made those clips with close to nothing shown for experts to see, not a single vault in Unity, really? weak af.

    Seriously, how else would they put ORIGINS as "the best"

  3. why the duck would you ever open AC Unity and show them only Shift+W move. There is so much more. I’m afraid to imagine that someone really played this games without understanding it’s parkour system

  4. For the unity should've shown the descent cause that's the impressive part of it instead of jumping off the roof like that

  5. Nooo. They botched the Unity showcase. 😞 Disappointment all around.

  6. I feel that the gameplay footage doesn't do the games justice, especially for Unity.

  7. Whoever prepering those videos to be ranked is wasting the unity

  8. the dudes that find game footages need to be fired

  9. Man, whoever is doing these gameplays isn’t doing the games justice, mainly Unity. There are so many hidden mechanics and little systems that aren’t shown in these gameplays, and I feel like it was the same back when you guys were reviewing the Mirror’s Edge games.

    Like… the gameplay is fine, but it’s what somebody that has just picked up the game and played it on a surface level experiences, not what “actual” gameplay probably looks like.

  10. In Odyssey everything its possible, its more mythical than real and also main character its kimda half god so 😀

  11. Odyssey is actually really beautiful, the way this video was taken is at fault here I think

  12. "Parkour Experts RANK Assassin's Creed Games played by NOOBS"
    Here I fixed it for you

  13. Really should’ve shown more of Connor close to the ground going over object and then going to the roofs, and really should’ve shown Unity in a heavier building city area was ridiculous having him in one of the more outskirts esc areas. Should’ve shown Arno going up and really should’ve shown some of his more unique descends. All the parkour footage was not the best the games could show. Really could’ve planned out some better routes

  14. Unity is in a!!! IT SHOULD BE S😪 they showed them a boring clip of it.
    It wasnt even in the city

    origins, odessy and vallhalla are alll D

  15. They should use footage from skilled people in the parkour for these clips. Like JCers has MANY videos were he does extremely cool combo's and such in many different games.

  16. Dear Ubisoft, please instead of a Baghdad one next, do a new Prince Of Persia, thanks in advance, bye!

  17. Whoever was playing unity has no idea what they’re doing ngl

  18. Gotta compare Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.

    Parkour integrated into environmental puzzles and combat.

  19. Bad selection of gameplays. Unity has some of the best parkour and they messed up in selecting the video. Odyssey I would say is the best looking one in the visual sense, not parkour, way better looking than Valhalla and they showed a video probably with some low specs here that made it look bad. Also a little bit of lore is needed to know some of the choices with the way the game works

  20. I remember Odyssey looked way better on my pc. Wtf was that clip from odyssey?

  21. Bro this clips man…Cmon man you can actually show them good clips of every game showcasing the parkour…Even the RPG trilogy which doesn’t have but still

  22. Fire whoever made these gameplay clips because you have no idea how to showcase parkour in AC

  23. Idk who did the gameplay for unity but it could've been way better

  24. Honestly, some of the Games only showed very little of the Parkour you can do in them, for example there are parts in other games after 3 that they mention a certain part that you were able to do in 3 but that wasn't in the video of 3.

  25. Unity WOULD'VE probably been an S tier IF y'all showed off some of it's PROPER Parkour!
    All you showed them were a basic line. Yeesh…

  26. The guy who played unity in this video is a noob 🤣 Unity literally have the best parkour system in any AC game!

  27. Yeahh…. needs a redo for Unity. It's the best out of the series.

  28. I love how they railed odyssey but putting origins top is criminal

  29. where were all the side ejects and stuff lol…the gameplay was horrible

  30. They need to see the new mirage game when it comes out! I would love to see that!

    edit: THE 2D GAMES TOO!

  31. I feel some of these weren't good examples of the movement in each game, especially in unity.

  32. Whoever is playing sucks. There’s so many more animations and moves you can do. Seems like the player was just running in circles. Could’ve showed so much more

  33. S teir: Brotherhood & Unity
    A: AC, AC2, ACR, AC Origins
    B: AC3, ACBF, AC Rogue
    C: ACS & ACV
    D: AC Odyssey

  34. Every video showcasing parkour from AC1 to Rogue always shows the basic movement and never the advanced

  35. Im pissed off that who ever is playing didnt use every move in each game. Really selling it. Besides Unity, AC3 has a lot of vaulting animations and both Connor and his grandfather, edward has excellent window animations as well as slides and large leaps. The fact that they didnt show this, made the parkour athletes rank it badly. Not their fault, its the players fault. Plus they are looking at the realism part, not gameplay as much. Either way, I am pissed off man…

  36. they gave less control after Revelations in terms of button pressing.

  37. Basing parkour based on graphics is a tough thing to compare.

  38. Odyssey and Valhalla in the correct places makes me happy

  39. Nice reaction, but those clips didnt do almost any game justice. The person who plays it doesnt do it very well, also many other aspects are not shown here…like in odyssey so many jumps down (damn youre a demigod) instead of actual climbing, etc.

  40. They really got such garbage clips that they put Origins in S for parkour

  41. Where is AC Liberation and Freedom Cry?

  42. I wish they got better gameplay to react to. This isnt the best footage

  43. So I love the assassin's Creed games I honestly think that the playthrough done on this show wasn't good enough to really show off the parkour systems especially in unity there was a lot of detail that went into it that just wasn't shown sadly but over all I do like their over all grading on the games

  44. Maybe they should react to someone who knows how to parkour in the game. The game parkour showcases were really bad, and incredibly basic. Their opinion would have been very different if they had seen more of the possible moves.

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