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Our favorite parkour experts, Sara and Omar, are back again with their first special episode of Experts Rank. Are you ready to experience once again their best reactions from the past and see if anything changed.
Feel free to share with us your personal TOP 5 parkour games in the comment section below. Omar as well as our team are reading all your comments and we can tell for sure that you inspire us to create more and better interesting videos for you.
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Parkour Experts REACT to Watch Dogs: Legion | Experts React

Experts React Playlist:
To progress through the Mirror’s Edge storyline, the player needs to complete a series of levels that involve performing a linear sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres like jumping between rooftops, running across walls, climbing pipes and walking along ledges.

Dying Light is a survival horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The game is set in an open-world environment called Harran.There is an emphasis on parkour mechanics, which allow players to perform actions such as climbing ledges, leaping from edges, sliding, jumping between roofs and zip-lining.

The Assassin’s Creed games are centered around one or more fictional members of the Order of the Assassins, whose memories are experienced by an in-game character in the modern-day period.
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Omar Zaki
00:00 Intro
01:40 Dying Light
04:00 Assassin’s Creed
05:48 Watch Dogs
07:56 Spider-Man
09:45 Mirror’s Edge
11:09 Ranking
13:20 Outroo
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  1. I love the birthmark on her iris. Some people think it's weird. But it's definitely hot.

  2. Mirror's catalyst will always be number one for me.

  3. Including ass Valhalla not unity, you piss me off as assassin's Creed player

  4. My list of games here5: spiderman4:assassin's creed (character can easily jump difficult jumps while holding on a small crack or ledge, doesn't have to balance on ropes)3: dying light (its great, its just the person playing the game was a noob, they should've picked AussieGrammarGuy to make the gameplay video)2: watch dogs 2 (buggy parkour)1: mirrors edge

  5. Fun fact: dying light isn't a parkour dedicated game, it's just for movement and mobility

  6. Dying light 1 got the worst place because of the noob that made the gameplay video lol.

  7. The founder of Parkour David belle instruct dying light.

  8. I hope everyone seeing this comment is having a wonderful day

  9. please have the gun expert react to Wolfenstein or Homefront: The Revolution.

    And I'd like to see that MMA guy react to Punch Out (the Wii version.)

  10. Haven't finished the video, but Vector is a really cool games with lots of parkour!

  11. Are we reacting, to reactions now… is that what we've been reduced to.

  12. One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates… 🟥

  13. You should make Parkour Experts react to the mobile game Vector, it has some very stylish and realistic parkour moves.

    Edit: Vector can also be played on a PC

  14. Spider-Man ps4/ ps5 has the perfect acrobatic choreography for a Spider-Man that is very experienced and along with the dope hand to hand combat the games has gotten along with the miles morales, definitely more hyped for the sequel of the game be almost a ultimate action pack sequel.

  15. Good ranking can't aruge with your opinions

  16. Oh Awesome!! I like this merry bunch!! I remember when we use to attempt parkour as kids we were never any good and the police didn't like you climbing on stuff in my City of Birmingham U.K ……Because they were anti fun! ☹️ Use to have to stick to climbing trees and jumping out my flat window instead Lol

    Remember my mate breaking his arm because he never tucked into his shoulder when landing which was hilarious!!
    ………idiot!! Still my boy though! 🤣

  17. never watch videos featuring Sara Mudallal, sry 🙁

  18. Image them reacting to Roblox Parkour; it isn't even realistic, but it will still be fun either way.

  19. As much as I love playing DL and it's parkour I do not fault you for placing i where you did 😀

  20. You’ve got to check out “Dying Light 2”, the parkour is even more insane! 😁

  21. Imagine making them react to AC Valhalla and not to Unity

  22. I agree Assassin's Creed is not only one of the if not the greatest stealth game of all time it is by far the one of the greatest parkour games if not the greatest

  23. You need to watch the parkour mechanics in Dying Light 2, there are a lot of improvements compared to the first hour of the game, just choose videos with normal gameplay, and not like with the video in which the first Dying Light was, there was very bad gameplay, because of this you had a bad experience))

  24. They see dying light chatacter ( Crane ) on parkout level 10 soo it’s not fair bcs on max level he can do soo mutch new moves like roll when u hit the ground.

    Ps: pls next time show them dying light character on max level not on level 10

  25. You need to get the parkour experts to react to vector, a mobile game with realistic parkour moves, it’s really good to play and watch

  26. They should react to the older assassin's creeds

  27. yeah Dying light has very clunky parkor system. not seamless like mirrrors edge.

  28. Not entirely sure why they’re getting them to react to AC Valhalla’s parkour rather than Unity’s, which arguably has the best in the entire franchise.

  29. I’d agree with the other comments saying that there are other assassins creeds to explore.

    AC 1 started it all

    2, Brotherhood, Revelations have similar systems and feature puzzle like tombs where parkour is essentially the main focus. Revelations added a hook blade.

    3, 4, Rogue introduced tree parkour

    Unity and Syndicate was the next evolution of the system. Unity was the flashiest parkour they’ve developed and can look so nice when it works. So many animations. Syndicate stripped some of the moves away.

    Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla, well… they do their own thing. Purely functional and just a means to get from A to B with little flare.

  30. A hijabi parkour expert is something I never thought I’d see but I’m all for it

  31. Request:(pls accept it)

    Pro racer reacts to initial d and wangan midnight

  32. Sara & Omar, Yoshi, Gemma and Noah are my favorite 5 reactors on this channel

  33. dying light at the bottom huh…. eyes the ubsub button

  34. My scant knowledge of Par-core I would agree with you two on the rankings. I haven’t played all the games to agree with you guys or not.

  35. Spider-Man and miles can achieve perfect equilibrium on any surface they jump on by instinct

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