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Our favorite parkour experts, Sara and Omar, are back again with their first special episode of Experts Rank. Are you ready to experience once again their best reactions from the past and see if anything changed.
Feel free to share with us your personal TOP 5 parkour games in the comment section below. Omar as well as our team are reading all your comments and we can tell for sure that you inspire us to create more and better interesting videos for you.
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Parkour Experts REACT to Watch Dogs: Legion | Experts React

Experts React Playlist:
To progress through the Mirror’s Edge storyline, the player needs to complete a series of levels that involve performing a linear sequence of acrobatic manoeuvres like jumping between rooftops, running across walls, climbing pipes and walking along ledges.

Dying Light is a survival horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The game is set in an open-world environment called Harran.There is an emphasis on parkour mechanics, which allow players to perform actions such as climbing ledges, leaping from edges, sliding, jumping between roofs and zip-lining.

The Assassin’s Creed games are centered around one or more fictional members of the Order of the Assassins, whose memories are experienced by an in-game character in the modern-day period.
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Omar Zaki
00:00 Intro
01:40 Dying Light
04:00 Assassin’s Creed
05:48 Watch Dogs
07:56 Spider-Man
09:45 Mirror’s Edge
11:09 Ranking
13:20 Outroo
Gameplay by FreeDom and Throneful:
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– FreeDom:
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  1. I'm a year late but I wanna react to what Omar said at around 8:47. If you look at the original spider-man movie with Tobey Maguire you can see that he doesn't stick to walls like an adhesive but rather its a bunch of small spikes which I assume is the same for all spider-men and therefore they can stick through the snow, although if the snow is thick enough I bet they would definitely slide. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Fun fact for Sara and Omar, in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you can play as a woman or male

  3. I know that this is an absurd issue to nag over, but I hated the roll in MEC because the camera made it look like she was rolling off of her neck, then once the roll is finished, the leg kicks up (to imitate standing up, I guess?) After ten rolls it was annoying to see. After one week of playing the game, I begged for a mod that would remove it. Tens-of-thousands of rolls later, it still annoys me.

  4. There’s no way she said Valhalla is the best and Dying Light is the worst… that’s crazy.

  5. Palestine beanie over hijab is a textbook def of "overstating".

  6. I still think it's kind of sad they were never really shown the original Mirror's Edge. Catalyst is okay, but it took out a lot of the important parts of mirrors edge like actually needing to build momentum. I'm not saying it's horrible, but the OG mirror's edge is always going to be a much better experience imo

  7. if they ranked witch game had the most thrilling fun parkour i would say dying light

  8. Judging by the fact that Dying Light was released in 2015 and Assassin's Creed Unity was released on 2014 they were way ahead of its time. But Dying Light was more to the zombie side rather than parkour being the main point of the game, on the other hand as of Mirror's Edge Catalyst was just mostly aimed for parkour but all games are great in their owns ways and feel free to disagree with me.

  9. they put valhalla WHERE YPU CAN CLIMB EVERYTHING over mirrors edge BRO WHAT IS WOPNG WITH YOU

  10. Wow, sitara reacting to parkour in games

  11. I swear gamology pick the worst version of a game

  12. How about "Parkur masters react on Roblox" game in roblox "Parkur" ? Yep im strange guy.

  13. Having these two react to Assassin's Creed 2 or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood would be great, it's back when the capabilities of the protagonist were more realistic and conducive to parkour physics

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