Parkour Experts REACT to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst | Experts React

In this episode of Experts React, two outstanding parkour experts Sydney Olson and Omar Zaki, react to parkour movements on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game-play. How do the characters move, is it realistic, what is so interesting about the game the guests would love to do in real life. Furthermore, they will share tips and ideas about how you can start parkour, the first steps, and the beginner’s mistakes. Oh, and also, did they ever break the law? Get entertained and learn new parkour stuff with our lovely guests.

Sydney Olson
Instagram: @sydneyolson1

Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
00:00 Intro
00:26 Host Introduction
00:58 Game perspective, game design, kicks and obstacles
02:48 Character’s clothes
02:57 Futuristic style
03:13 Climbing
03:49 Glasses
04:24 Weird parkour things the hosts did
05:12 Inside an office building
06:55 Fight
07:28 Sliding
08:51 Parkour Lessons
09:50 Character’s movements and game style
10:25 What they like to do?
11:13 Analyzing the moments
14:45 Did they like the game?
15:40 Conclusion
15:56 Outro

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  1. They have their field of view so low in mirror's edge

  2. Mirror edge is way more better than mirror edge catalyst cause it has rolls and many other things with good physics

  3. Og mirrors edge has more bounce and has more weight to it

  4. What cool moves they have. And I always thought the same thing about her hands possibly burning

  5. I think the first game had more realistic parkour. Like it was a heightened reality, but the first game felt a bit more grounded

  6. Almost the right game. Almost!

  7. The player really sucks at this game. In mirrors edge strafing kills momentum

  8. That was so infuriating to watch! Do some prior research and show a good gameplay of the game

  9. She sound like
    from The Office.

    Maybe it's her facial structure
    makes her sound and some what look like her.
    Call me crazy and say I'm
    a little bit right

  10. Even without playing the game, they notice how smooth everything is and how you can't feel the impact of Faith's movements. It would be interesting to see them react to the original superior game.

  11. 4:02 kinda happened to me once. It wasn't glass but water. I was running around a park in my neighbourhood and this park had a waterfall section that consisted of multiple levels. I got to the top and decided to get down as fast as possible, sliding down through the waterpath and hopping from stones to stones on the wall. It was a great experience but it was nighttime and a little dark obviously so I didn't know what was waiting for me down there. When I got to the bottom I leaped from a stone on the wall to the ground but turns out there was at least a meter high water there. I never saw that place have water in it so I was quite surprised. But I managed to act quick enough to bounce right back out and climb the bridge passing right over. Thankfully I managed to get away with it by getting a little wet. Lol I was so quick even my phone in my pocket didn't break. Just a few drops in the speaker but those went away easily. A little disgusting but fun memory.

  12. The player is really bad. No flow and never a roll

  13. In Mirrors Edge they make a point not to call it parkour. Because it is and always has been called free running.

  14. I hate two things about this video:
    1) the person who was playing and recording the video for parkour masters to watch. The player didn’t use even half of the abilities of the game, you can roll, you can use side bars to run the corner faster, you can do flips and so on.
    2) that people who react usually don’t understand that the game may have more moves than they see. And questions like “why didn’t she roll here” are sounding dumb as the game has this option but the player didn’t chose it.

  15. We badly neee an "Experts react to mirror's edge" the first game 🙂

  16. I really wish that these guys would pick better clips for these reaction videos, because every clip I've ever seen these guys react to absolutely trash.

  17. The dude on the left kinda looks likekwebbelkop

  18. I feel like the video game footage should have been from a better player as the key point of the game is to keep going through each one at speed

  19. so to clear confusion. the city in mirrors edge is literally named Glass. it’s called the city of glass.

  20. This was just cool and both of them are cool as hell.

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is pretty awesome.

  21. why do they always have to see so bad gameplay omg, this is so bad, i would hope they had someone playing that actually played good

  22. The Olson chick is channelling mad Keri Russell vibes. She gorge.
    Side note: What is it called when people's eyes are slightly out of line? Hers looks cute.

  23. Why not let em see the first ME? This one has much better animation which compliments the parkour much more.

  24. Only watched a few clips of it. Lame. They got no respect or interest in the video game, talkin shit about it, don’t understand it so they’re reacting to that it’s first person constantly.

    And the showcase of the videogame doesn’t look good either. Gotta show the right stuff

  25. In fact it’s totally awful. How does a video game channel not know about video games?

    There is noob, and there is godlike. That is always a part of gameplay and should be a part of these things, or just show someone with middle-skill, and actually also some godlike footage for good measure

    The rally one was awful too. Just showed a dude drifting the whole time instead of the actually rallying that the rally driver is familiar with

    Makes no sense bruh. You hire these people, get everything setup, but totally fail the video game part.

    How does nobody on the team stand up and say, “this shit ain’t right”

  26. I'm quite familiar with parkour, and with both Mirrors edge games. Most of the shit seen in the video isn't a good representation of parkour within the game. For starters, the grappling hook scenes within the game are the worst part for me. Even if the gadget existed, you'd never be able to handle the forces going through it. The ziplines are also pretty bs.

    Other than those obvious outliers, the moves within the game are borderline realistic I would say, but just barely. The heights you can survive within the game seem possible, but right at the limit, and you would probably just find a safer way down in reality. In the game you are able to get away with a 6 ish step wallrun, which might be possible under optimal conditions? (I could consistently get 4-5 on good walls). The vertical wallrun seems pretty accurate to me, but both wall runs rely on grip, which would vary across surfaces (I also take issue with Faith getting her shoes wet before performing a perfect wall run across a glass surface, and would have loved to see their reactions to that).

    Traversal vaults in the game also feel very accurate (except the vault you get when falling onto a railing from heights).

    Momentum is very poorly represented in the game though, but it is represented rather well in the first game (You feel very sluggish and slow at first in the first game, and you have to build up momentum in order to move faster. You lose momentum when travelling uphill. If you have low momentum this affects how you handle obstacles and wallruns, etc.

  27. I literally just beat this game a couple hours ago. It's actually INCREDIBLY frustrating to play. Mostly because the collision detection is almost completely unreliable. So you can easily end up falling to your death because you got too much momentum and hit a FLAT wall at an angle and then slid off a platform. Plus everything looks very same-y and even with Runner's Vision enabled it's difficult to tell where you're going. Also throwing the guards off high ledges is the quickest way to kill them because even with most or all of the combat upgrades they're tough to kill and won't go down in less than 2-3 hits. And this game has segments where it throws HOARDES of them at you so you end up throwing them into and off of things(and each other) and doing traversal attacks more than actual combat(which, if they were going to include combat in the game, the least they could do was make it more effective than it is. And it isn't very effective). The narrative is extremely unsatisfying mostly because it's equal parts a soft reboot of the first Mirror's Edge game and it includes so much techno-babble that makes zero sense and the characters never shut up for 5 seconds that you hardly even can tell what the actual plot of the game is and what you're doing and why or what's going on until like the last third of the game. Which makes it very hard to be invested in the plot. And finally even when fully upgraded your slide has a lot of lag and you can't even roll out of it sometimes and so it can often be hard to keep momentum going.

    It has to be one of the worst video games I've downloaded because it's frustrating on almost every level. The only good thing I can say about it is that the character acting is good and the visuals are nice. But that doesn't save it from being hot garbage. If you want a game that has parkour that's actually good as well as satisfying combat and actually worth playing, I recommend Dying Light(not the second one).

  28. whoever is playing for this footage sucks 😭

  29. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut this is freerunning and not parkour 😛

  30. I love that we get to see her feet he said🤦🏻🤦🏻 this is the second time i hear him wanting to see more feet ☠️

  31. The gloves are also fingerless so they definitely wouldn't save you if your hands are sweaty

  32. im kinda dissapointed with the game, i thought it to be the ultimate parkour game, but its kinda unrealistic and goofy sometimes, its still is great and there is no other games like it unfortunately

  33. so, there's a roblox game that's pretty cool
    it's called "Parkour Reborn"

  34. I think it's absolutely hysterical that they brought up the common criticism of not being able to distinguish the glass environment within the first couple minutes.

  35. Ngl they should have reacted to the original Mirrors Edge. It has more realistic movement unlike Catalyst. More focused on fast paced movements.

  36. I would cry if this video game makes movie for the theater (a live-action movie would be great!), omg you can imagine how it is, will be super amazing!

  37. i wonder how they'd like the original Mirror's Edge.

  38. Thank you for bringing me on for ANOTHER great episode! 🙌🏻

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