Parkour Experts REACT to Parkour in Video Games

Our favorite parkour experts, Sara and Omar, are finally back again at Gamology with a special episode of Experts React. They’ll be reacting to several video games, ranging from GTA to Uncharted and Sleeping Dogs. We’ll be taking a look at crazy, unnecessary stunts and parkour moves in a hilarious compilation. THE JANK IS REAL.

Stay tuned!
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Omar Zaki
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Parkour Experts REACT to Parkour in Video Games


  1. You should react to mirrors edge catalyst if you havent already

  2. Make both parkour and weapon expert react to Warframe🤣

  3. Ally law : invader of construction sites😂

  4. Poor Omar… I think something died in him watching those GTA scenes. 😂 Anyway, I would like to see they react to the parkour mechanics in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. 🙏

  5. modded gta took way too much time in this video especially considering it looked horribe in each gta game

  6. The fact that they don't know this js modded is just sad.
    Gamology should have gave them some context so they whouldnt think the games are this Terrible

  7. Definitely entertaining, but a little weird seeing GTA games with that kind of movement lol

  8. I wish every game can do parkour like gta 5 or something for ps4 and ps5 games

  9. Uncharted 4 is my favorite game all time

  10. I can't stand the guy overreacting to everything. It's like he's never seen a video game before.

  11. We need more parkour games videos on this channel

  12. Honestly the GTA parkour mods were painful to watch. There is a lot of games with Parkour mechanics that could be used in a video like this.

  13. Богдан Крименюк 🇺🇦 says:

    This is so cringe…

  14. I don't remember if they reacted to watchdogs parkour yet, but if they haven't they really should. at least watchdogs 2

  15. Didn't read all outher comments, but the parkour and animations at least since gta San Andreas vídeos in here, are all mods, these animations and parkour are not directly on the game, so that's why physics and animations don't match. Rockstar gave good attention to detail since san Andreas, not that the games were perfect, but these animations and physics would not happen like these, if it had been rockstar to do them for the game.

  16. There is a game on the ps2 called free running it's parkour game it'll be great if they reacted to it

  17. why did they have to make fun of gta 5 like that?
    a game that normally doesn't even look like that
    it doesn't make sense to have parkour in that game cause the main characters are so old and retired

  18. All and every single clip from any of the GTAs was heavily modded, why wouldn't you just show how the games where?

  19. Please react to Lost Judgment parkour. 😊

  20. You didn't show them Mirror's Edge? Really? 😅

  21. why the modded gta? They are so obviously not part of the original game

  22. Free Running game just exists, game purely about parkour with advanced parkour techniques…. 😐

  23. Prototype does have some parkour aspects.
    Maybe react to that next.

  24. React to the Shadow Fight series next, please

  25. title should be "react to modded videogames"

  26. man whoever played the games for the footage should get fired….like wtf was that

  27. You guys should react more Sleeping Dogs parkour. Because I liked how they doing real movement, not just like modders using parkour on GTA.

  28. Game suggestion: Shadow fight 2 for the martial artists to react. I mean the vector video was great so might as well try this game.

  29. The GTA parts were scuffed but the other two games were good examples of parkour in gaming.

  30. Maybe they should've at least mentioned that all of the GTA games had parkour modded into them. They didn't even show off any of the missions in GTA 4 that actually requires climbing and jumping gaps either.

  31. the GTA part was terrible. leave out janky mods please.

  32. Assassin's Creed and Mirrors edge?

    Nvm you already did my bad lol

  33. It's really fun to see Omar and Sara react to janky parkour instead of the usual supposed to be immersive parkour, one of the most entertaining video from Gamology imo. Sadly the views is too little because the title couldn't attract more viewers. It should be "Parkour Experts REACT to Funny Unrealistic Parkour in Video Games" instead of generic title, but then Uncharted 4 and Sleeping Dogs should be excluded from this video. Really wish to see other experts react to something ridiculous and funny in their respective area of expertise

    Edit: I just saw many other comments that say GTA modded parkour should've just gone, personally this is like a breath of fresh and fun air. But, I guess you can't please everyone in here

  34. I think it will be interesting for them to look at the parkour from the game "Detroit: Become Human", there are a couple of interesting moments.

  35. You could at least say that the GTA clips are mostly using mods when the games don't have those moves, like i played GTA V, there are no parkour moves besides pretty hollyhood basic ones and they are not jank, like seriously, at least let them know, it's dishonest to make them think these are the games that involve parkour and puts a bad rep on good games that were modded for this video, it's not even the original game anymore!

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