Parkour Experts REACT to Parkour in Video Games

Our favorite parkour experts, Sara and Omar, are finally back again at Gamology with a special episode of Experts React. They’ll be reacting to several video games, ranging from GTA to Uncharted and Sleeping Dogs. We’ll be taking a look at crazy, unnecessary stunts and parkour moves in a hilarious compilation. THE JANK IS REAL.

Stay tuned!
Sara Mudallal
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Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
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Parkour Experts REACT to Parkour in Video Games


  1. Wait this good new check out the parkour game called Rooftop & alley the best game ever😅

  2. Im disappointed there was no parkour footage from titanfall 2

  3. whoever makes fun of parkour experts by showing someone's gameplay, this is a fucking terrible gameplay example.

  4. The gta san andreas is a mod. It's not in the real game

  5. They hired these experts and didnt even tell its modded. They gonna think GTA games are stupid now.

  6. 𝙋𝙞𝙯𝙯𝙖𝙎𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙚𝙧 says:

    Gamology just made themselves Embarrassed😂😂😂😂

  7. Please react to STRIDE VR by Joyway Games. Its a parkour VR game

  8. You know what's a war crime? Not showing Mirror's Edge.

  9. Watchdogs 2 had pretty good parkour Assassins Creed Unity Mirrors Edge

  10. 2 games prince of Persia for sure But also ghostrunner

  11. They should include without any Parkour mod😢

  12. Little late to the party, but you should check the Uncharted saga. The moves of Nathan are awesome and the action scenes always are full parkourish.

  13. Does no-one remember the actual free running game on PS2. Was wicked back in the day but guess nobody decided to review that lol

  14. THE GTA GAMES HAVE MODDED PARKOUR. like cmon gameology, stop disappointing everyone

  15. Please let them react to Mirror's Edge: Catalyst!

  16. 3:24 1:IT is a mod 2:the Jet will be on the roof IF YOU COMPLETE GTA SA FULLY

  17. not telling the the experts that this stuff was mostly modded is super lame, dislike.

  18. Reactions were so good and the reacting when they were like those moves so jaqqy

  19. I really fucking hate no one mentioned they were watching mods for the GTA segmenets

  20. GTA is my fovorite video game series And i speed run Why do you have to show modded parkour i mean GTA V and IV and SA all have decent parkour its not even a parkour game its hard to watch i like this channel but this video desipoint me. They literally thought gta sucks and unrealistic dislike👎make me sadWatching the gta clips is like Your dog dying over and over And looking at a onion for a year

  21. there's so many good games with parkour and they was putting these ridiculous GTA mods, completely poorly made

  22. I hate being the one to ask, but does she really parkour in hijab?

  23. Why would you add those shitty mods in GTA

  24. Clearly modded versions of the game if they really want to react react to the original Tomb Raider game that had some Parkour elements before it became a thing

  25. gta 5 had aden pierce from watchdogs and san andreas has assasins creed logo lol

  26. @Gamology fuckin tell them that these are modded. They're gonna think that games look this bad

  27. The decisions this channel makes with the things they show off is wild sometimes

  28. I need more vector reaction you barely showed any moves any level in earlier video

  29. So weird choices on which games are being shown… I mean modded GTA? At least earlier they watched Mirrors Edge and Dying Light which ARE pk games. So painful that they say it went from GTA 3 to 5 and the parkour got worse xD

  30. I like the fact that they added Sleeping Dogs on the list as well

  31. Gotta do the OG of Parkour in video games: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. It was basic in SOT, but it REALLY shined in Warrior Within and Two Thrones

  32. If you havent already make them review watchdogs 2 parkour

  33. Can you do Batman Arkham knight Parkour gameplay

  34. Please get Jordan Wagner to react to all fatal blows and all fatalities in Mortal Kombat 10

  35. can you imagine the amount of puns in an episode with Gemma and Sara?

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