Parkour Experts REACT to Vector

In this exciting episode, join us as Omar and Sara react to the popular video game, Vector.
Our experts will also provide insights into the similarities and differences between parkour in the game and in real life. They’ll discuss the importance of proper technique and training, and highlight any potential safety concerns that players should be aware of.
So join us as we dive into the world of parkour and gaming!

Vector is a 2012 platform game for Windows and Mobile developed and published by Cyprus-based studio Nekki. It is an arcade-styled parkour game with the objective being to break free from the cycle as a free runner.
In Vector, players take the role of a silhouette who is constantly being pursued by another silhouette, seemingly some form of enforcer for the system the player character breaks out of. The game does not have a long story apart from the introduction video which reveals that a player character is a man in an Orwellian dystopia, no longer able to bend to the will of his masters. He casts aside his mind-control device and his shirt, and leaps from his skyscraper prison, sprinting across rooftops toward the distant horizon.
Sara Mudallal
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Omar Zaki
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Parkour Experts REACT to Vector


  1. How about reacting to Canabalt and Alto's Adventure/Odyssey?

  2. Just asking out of curiosity, if (And it's a Big IF), but if the guys at BioWsre do some of these moves for the next ME game or games what would be your take on it and do you think if Commander Shepard could pull off any of those with his or her weapons or biotics?

  3. I remember someones parachute didn't open and fell in field and broke only their arm but think they did land in mud or grass

  4. Hey gamology there is a another game it's called vector 2

  5. Now we need them to recreate this movements. And, I think many of us want “martial artists react/recreate movements from Shadow fight 2/3”

  6. What people do in the time they save when they type "u" instead of "you"

  7. Since it’s a game they had to make it look fancy but impossible drop heights aside the whole run was very inefficient, many flips were unnecessary and wasted big energy. So the reactors have a point: the protagonist is having fun doing those stuns and not just desperately trying to get away

  8. There is a vector 2, they added a few more moves in the game but also took some of the moves out of it, vector is one of my favourite games that has parkour by far, always has always will

  9. You could react to "Free Running" a Ps2 and PsP game

  10. Would love to see your reaction to Vector 2.

  11. literally started playing this game again for the first time in years like 2 weeks ago, crazy how someone made a video about it considering how old it is

  12. Nekki did a great job especially with shadow fight series.

  13. This game was my childhood and by seeing this video I learn more about parkour.

  14. I thought they see the ending when vector caught 😅

  15. You should have the martial artists react to Shadow Fight a game made by the Vector team

  16. Let's make them react to the secuel of vector guys…

  17. I had both games and played a lot. It's a good game. This will make me replay it.

  18. these guys have to react to prince of persia two thrones

  19. I love how in vector, the character progressively becomes more acrobatic (more complicated moves)

  20. Ngl but im kinda, surprised they seen my childhood game from the nekki.

  21. As the one who recommended vector I feel very pleased to watch this🎉

  22. I was waiting for them to react to the scene where the guy drops from the ship to the first stage of the future city, not doable but cool af

  23. There's a sequel, Vector 2, but its more on the side of sci-fi rather than realistic but there's a lot of dodging obstacles. A lot of the moves are similar, if not the same.

  24. its always a fun episode if the guests are just gushing at the game

  25. you guys should watch vector 2 which i believed is the sequel

  26. Could we have Kinga to react to sons of the forest? It's a survival game that recently came out

  27. the amounts of "owws" in this video😅🤣

  28. Please react to assassin's Creed Parkour

  29. If you liked vector you should check out vector 2 or shadow fight 2

  30. There is vector 2 you should check out! It's a little harder than the first one.

  31. Finally 🎉 I wanted to see parkour experts to react to the game for so long😅

  32. Back when mobile games were made with actual effort

  33. in case these two are in fact reading this, there have in fact been 2 Vector games. they're very different from each other. with the second game having a really heavy emphasis on claustrophobic environments and leans very heavily into sci-fi with all the areas and traps you run into. it ditches the minimalistic nature of the first game and opens the door to a lot more complexity and gives you some gear to help you against all the new traps you have to endure. i definitely prefer the first game. the second one gets too heavily reliant on randomness and it can be frustrating on the later levels.

  34. Any chance of parkour experts reacting to Minecraft parkour?

  35. I remember playing Vector after class in high school. Really fun game

  36. they shoul try vector 2. there are many more moves

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