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Parkour experts Sydney Olson and Omar Zaki are here to analyze the game “Watch Dogs 2”. They talk about some of the unique aspects of Parkour and react to Parkour moves in the third-person action-adventure game, critiquing the movements in the game and getting into some of the thinking behind them. They talk about how important environment and individual style is to Parkour, and explain that sometimes the quickest moves aren’t the best.

Sydney Olson
Instagram: @sydneyolson1

Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
0:00 Intro
0:20 Presentation
0:41 Start of Gameplay
1:58 Smooth Running
3:10 Gainer
4:16 Vaulting fences
6:03 Bad Dream
7:30 Uniqueness in Parkour
8:40 Vault Talk
11:13 Conclusion
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  1. The chair comment made sense but it might be a coding problem

  2. Well… it’s because it literally is real people doing Parkour. They’ve just been injected into the game by way of Body Motion Capture suits.

  3. "Must be an error in the system because he stuttered at the table "

  4. I had this game but my PlayStation broke but I plan on using it for my new ps5

  5. whoever he fuck captured this gameplay is so bad at watchdogs parkour, something already easy

  6. I wish they would have shown my watch dogs 2 parkour montages. Mine are so smooth and clean and they missed so many flips that I covered in my videos. I just wish they could react to it again but to my video instead.

  7. In watch dogs 2 I jumped form a car to a car to a car to a car to a bike then to a truck

  8. I love just running and doing parkour in Watch Dogs 2. It feels so smooth and natural!

  9. Wish this parkour was in Watch Dogs Legion but the parkour took a big downgrade compared to this

  10. Just think, Ubisoft did so good in this one but they dropped the ball in legion

  11. Omar looks like Ryan gosling, but better because he does his own stunts

  12. Skateboarders react to skateboarding games?

  13. Just gotta say, picket fence vaults aren't as bad as you'd think. Yeah, they can be sharp, but do you really expect yourself to vault over the fence by grabbing the straight bar and risk yourself getting caught on the arrowhead of the fence, or especially where you grab and have your arm get stuck?

  14. Lol I love how she can tell who did the motion capture, these people are actually professionals

  15. I think they should react vector 1 and 2 vector.

  16. The best thing is that a real person did the parkour for watch dogs 2

  17. Talking about the drops like Dom doesn't exist

  18. If only one thing i wonder is,the laptop is just never broke no matter how much marcus roll XD

  19. "I know… it's just a stutter step" – Richie Aprile

  20. Okay this needs to be said, PLEASE GET PEOPLE THAT PLAYED THE GAME BEFORE

  21. i hate how legion changed everything. doesn’t even feel like the same game as watch dogs 1/2

  22. if they react to Legion they'll be like.. "where parkour?"

  23. Whoever did this gameplay didn't do this game justice. There's so many flips in this game that are super cool and fluid but there not here.

  24. My god Jessie la flair is such an amazing Parkour athlete one of my inspirations for starting Parkour and free running when I was 12

  25. I like how these two reacted on the parkour moves, however the gameplay walkthrough was very week. It didn't cover some cool moves of Marcus. :((

  26. There's a lot more you could do, if you found a good enough spot and set up a course, using the crates. Hidden gems

  27. Can the gamology do a video on reacting to splinter cell parkour? I know you did a special forces react to splinter cell and I want the other opinion to be heard from an parkour athlete.

  28. if this game came out today you would be t-posing through the walls instead, then ubisoft would blame covid for it 🙂

  29. I love when it's on smooth running there like a gain34

  30. React to uncharted parkour moves they are dope

  31. I love these two, they definitely need to be this show more often dude. They're fun and made me forget about my problems for a bit lol

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