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Parkour experts Sydney Olson and Omar Zaki are here to analyze the game “Watch Dogs 2”. They talk about some of the unique aspects of Parkour and react to Parkour moves in the third-person action-adventure game, critiquing the movements in the game and getting into some of the thinking behind them. They talk about how important environment and individual style is to Parkour, and explain that sometimes the quickest moves aren’t the best.

Sydney Olson
Instagram: @sydneyolson1

Omar Zaki
Instagram: @omarzaki0
YouTube: Omar Zaki ( Freerunning)
0:00 Intro
0:20 Presentation
0:41 Start of Gameplay
1:58 Smooth Running
3:10 Gainer
4:16 Vaulting fences
6:03 Bad Dream
7:30 Uniqueness in Parkour
8:40 Vault Talk
11:13 Conclusion
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  1. Wow the gameplay was smooth, the player knew what he was doing

  2. I love the game but I feel so lonely when I play it. Nobody plays it anymore!!

  3. I loved the parkour in watch dogs 2 wish they would've kepted it in legion

  4. I think he didnt do a roll there bc he was scared of mising the roll and assuming the height welp lets just say spin the neck like an owl

  5. He has a YouTube channel called Omar Zaki and he should react to spider man 2018 and miles morals and my name is Omar too 🙂

  6. I was soo disappointed watchdogs legion don't have parkour

  7. I just noticed I did some parkour moves when I was a kid and didn’t even know

  8. Man I wish they added more parkour variation in watch dogs legion. Like okay, maybe not all characters would probably have that athletic ability to do parkour, but maybe have like physically fit a perk

  9. The dude looks a bit like he's sexy and he knows it

  10. omar in the starting picture kinda looked like edward nygma from gotham

  11. Spam this to developers so we get parkour like watch dogs 2 on legion n cyberpunk 2077

  12. looking back at this game, im just surprised as to how much better this game's parkour system is compared to legion. its the exact same feeling with AC Valhalla. the last ubisoft's games parkour system has a massive downgrade compared to their predecessors, even blackflag's parkour system is WAY better than valhalla's.

  13. when i played watch dogs 2 i tried to not use cars at all and kept yelling PARKOUR every time my character did a little jump

  14. It's a video game we don't care about lil stuff like landing on a trash bag a chair

  15. Watch Dogs 2 has the best Parkour in the whole series

  16. Actually there's another move, the side flip, which you need to get up on a cube type box or obstacle, and you've got a taller fence above it and you side flip over it with a unique style

  17. The Kong (Or here we called it Monkey) is actually the last move I did before I had to kiss parkour goodbye . Caught my leg on a fence , fell down and hit my head on asphalt, also my right hand was underneath my body when I hit the ground. I was badly wounded due to the fall and almost passed out twice trying to get to a hospital. to this day my hand does not function like before…

  18. Old video and they r not going to see this but the character don t roll If u don't Move to any direction, so that's a kind of player mistake

  19. I don’t like these as much because there from ultimate tag

  20. The game is fuego, im gonna have to play it again in a few years

  21. Bro they should react to the mobile game vector.
    Like for real

  22. Doing a tic tac to a wooden fence might actually break it. No way in hell would I try it

  23. Next reaction: minecraft, by an expert cube

  24. No cap the guy looks like jordi

  25. i wanna see them react to watch dogs 1s parkour

  26. 10:13 i think thats a player thing. Normally My Marcus always rolls after a superman flip and I think thats cause i always keep moving forward. seems like this player just stops.

  27. So this is where Assassin’s Creed’s parkour went. Ubisoft, put it back please.

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