Parkour Game: Add On – Ronnie VS. Chris

Ronnie and Chris demonstrate a fun parkour game called add on. Get your flow on!
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  1. What are some cool parkour games like add on? I know of parkour tag but thats all.

  2. I am a rock climber and I play pretty much the exact same game! The first person chooses a starting hold and the next people/person have to pick two holds to add on to it until someone falls or uses an incorrect hold. Very cool video!

  3. 2 fell like this was upload yesterday

  4. This is a good game. It can help improve your parkour moves and help build up some more stamina and lose some of them pounds

  5. You could play the vault game. you have a vault and you have to do tricks involves ng the vault. you alternate goes and you lose a life you you copy a trick already done before, you can't think what to do or you don't land the trick. One more rule NO COMBOS.

  6. i was just thinking that they should do this yesterday and then i see a video of it from 2 years ago

  7. What was with the bird thing? "I'll take you back to my dojo."

  8. pag its parkour tag its what i like to call it.

  9. The tricks were great, but that editing and music, cringe inducing

  10. Im sorry i love Ronnie and Freerunning. but its hard to start off on youtube. Im trying to do more cinematic ish type videos on my channel theres only two. Please check them out. Sharing them would be amazing. I know im the cancer of youtube for doing this but im just a 14 year old kid with his iphone 5 trying to express himself

  11. anyone noticed chris wearing ronnie pants

  12. I only just realised how short Ronnie is😂

  13. you should try the game of paint its kinda like this but its sorta like if you have a bench you do a trick on it then it becomes your color and the person with you if he does a better trick on it then its his after 10 mins whoever has the most land colored their color they win. sorry if its hard to understand:)

  14. Hey Ronnie, love the video. I am a rock climber, but I enjoy parkour too. I sometimes play add on with my friends on the climbing wall, but I had never seen anyone do it with parkour! I'm so trying it!

  15. You should have done a sudden death at the end but still awesome as always

  16. play that game again but this time add at least 10 moves

  17. Ronnie
    Is way better like if u agree

  18. this is an awesome way to have even more fun and more creativity. great game

  19. Make a parkour race…and eins the first who gets through it.

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