Parkour Game: Add On – Ronnie VS. Chris

Ronnie and Chris demonstrate a fun parkour game called add on. Get your flow on!
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  1. Could u do parkour tag it is tag but with parkour

  2. Omg theyre using the music from one of the madness combat animations

  3. i played this game a whole bunch this week on a trampoline! so much fun!

  4. I'm for sure going to play this pk game lol

  5. AWSOME!! What a nice Flow Ronnie!
    Can you do this again? I want it!

  6. I've played this game and it is F-ing tiring. Even with just simple parkour. Nice vid Ronnie!

  7. I could watch you guys do this all day!

  8. its a game called: jump!, you basically do a trick and then the other person has to do the same trick. If the other person fails he gets the letter "J". When a person has "JUMP!" he has lost

  9. You know, if you were to have a competitive games in parkour, it does show how much of an advantage height can give you. Short people can't vault/climb/whatever tall objects as well as tall people can, right?

  10. Is that place in Utah and if it is where????? Please help.

  11. When did you start parkouring? (At what age)

  12. Make a course that you run through and time it, fastest wins

  13. at 3:12 why did Ronnie get a strike all of a sudden during chris's turn?

  14. That is a real good cardio excersize i'm gonna do it to with mij parkour'team' it'll be fun! Thanks very much for the idea

  15. Have u ever tried to get on American ninja warrior

  16. Chris : "Baby! I'll change! No wait! Come back!"
    Me : "Men…"

  17. You look a lot different with a beard now…. 🙂

  18. Chris and Ronnie, you guys very sweet, very funny~!!

  19. Parkour Tag: Basically tag, while doing parkour moves. Once someone's it, they chase you

  20. I saw you on American Ninja Warrior,well I didn't see you,But you were the leaderboard to the finals,Congrats,and if you read this check out my little brother do parkour on my channel.please.

  21. THAT WAS SICK!!!! IMMA TRY IT OUT (Skrillex)

  22. me and my friends play a game calld "mother" 'cuz young kids do what their mother tells them or show them. if i am the "mother" my friends have to do a vault or some trick that i show if they fail they get a letter.everyone haves a turn when he shows s trick ^^

  23. I like the game called pork or master you tried to beat the person of doing the best parkour at the game

  24. Ronnie you are awesome if you can plz do an cartwheel tutorial or air roll twist tutorial that would mean us a lot

  25. Wow epic job dude you are really good at parkour. I think you should do this more often keep up the good work

  26. this so so awesome, whenever you guys fall it looks so light and painless i dont get it

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